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If you've read the news, you know that the planet is definitely suffering from many of the choices we've made. No industry is innocent of... [Read More]
Opened in a former auto body shop in 2013, Trifecta was Ken Forkish's third restaurant, following Ken's Artisan Pizza and Ken's Artisan Bakery. It soon... [Read More]
Now that I have somewhat of what some would consider a platform, I realize how valuable my voice can actually be in influencing the culture... [Read More]
My status as a musician makes me feel like I need to be more well-versed on what's happening in the community. [Read More]
My stance on issues in my community has definitely influenced our music and growth. [Read More]
Where I'm from—and particularly for people that look like me—there are systemic, socioeconomic inequalities that impact how we are viewed by the world and also... [Read More]
Being an artist has given me the unique opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life. [Read More]
Once upon a time, the king's stargazer saw that the grain harvested that year was tainted. Anyone who would eat from it would go mad. [Read More]
Portland's Isreali street food restaurant Shalom Y'all had its phone system hacked over the weekend and its phone number was used to make multiple threatening... [Read More]
In an op-ed published Sunday in The Washington Post, Bill Oakley—a writer and show-runner during the series' '90s golden years, who moved to Portland a... [Read More]
After a contentious fight over the future of neighborhood associations, City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has delayed definitive action from council. But city groups still in... [Read More]
Economist Joe Cortright: "It's dishonest of the state departments of transportation to tell people there's a $140 million penalty for not moving forward with this... [Read More]
Portland's adrenaline-addicted darling is making waves again—literally. [Read More]
About halfway through the sketch, Sondland, played by the criminally underused Kyle Mooney, appears to declare, "I know I said in earlier testimony that there... [Read More]
The two governors will mark a formal start to a new I-5 bridge project. [Read More]
The 150-member central committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon will meet this weekend at Portland Community College's Sylvania campus to address a hot-button issue—whether... [Read More]
Oregon has seen a large influx of new residents in the last decade, new population research from Portland State University shows. [Read More]
"We welcome contributions from ANY working person." [Read More]
On Nov. 14, the Oregon Court of Appeals halted the rules banning the sale of flavored cannabis vapes. The court... [Read More]
The six minute odyssey is full of hazy feedback, spooky flute melodies and frontman Isaac Brock repeating "There's an ice cream party in my house/Please... [Read More]