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On this week's episode of the 'Geek's Guide to the Galaxy' podcast the creators of the science fiction show look back on its legacy. [Read More]
Native Americans living in California made their own plastic water bottles. However, they didn't know how toxic that might be. [Read More]
Nineteen legislators say the discovery of automated grid-disruption malware in Ukraine means the White House isn't doing enough to protect critical infrastructure. [Read More]
RT @reckel: Inside @Microsoft's #AI comeback via @jessiwrites @Wired @erichorvitz @peteratmsr @GurdeepPall @StevenG…... [Read More]
My friend @glennf wrote a great article about letterpress: How Letterpress Printing Came Back from the Dead... [Read More]
Imagining what kind of advice Uber's board of directors might have for Travis Kalanick's replacement. [Read More]
Russia's Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What's to Come.... [Read More]
RT @withfries2: Thrilled to back @rigetti in their quest to build a quantum computer... [Read More]
In defense of "commodity sci-fi," the shows dominating the middle rungs of a basic cable lineup near you. [Read More]
Environmental groups have spent decades preparing for the likes of Trump. [Read More]
The shiny space fabric pulls triple duty. [Read More]
Twitter's new redesign, who Snap should hire, and why Instagram is the only social network that matters. [Read More]
The Swedish automaker wants to avoid the space between human and robot drivers—but that may prove impossible. [Read More]
The endurance race requires not just great tech, but the ability to harness it for 24 hours straight. [Read More]
Something's changed... [Read More]
The season finale of Hulu's show promises a story for Offred that Margaret Atwood's book never told. [Read More]
Microsoft build a laptop for right here, right now, and a damn good one at that. [Read More]
Microsoft didn't mention VR at its E3 press conference, because why would it? [Read More]
Saturn's north pole, symbiotic stars, and the brightest infrared galaxies in the universe. [Read More]
Breeding—or someday even genetically engineering—a more efficient cow would make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions. [Read More]