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Dear Editor: Scott Walker, Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, as well as every Republican legislator who voted to advance the lame-duck session "power grab" legislation... [Read More]
Are Scott Walker and Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos showing contempt for the will of Wisconsin voters by backing lame-duck legislation weakening the power... [Read More]
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced several new Assembly standing committees that will consider legislation in the upcoming session. [Read More]
Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald aren't just limiting the power of the offices of the governor and attorney general. They're undermining the basis of our... [Read More]
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, did his usual job of after-the-fact, self-serving rationalizations, partial disclosure and false and misleading statements in his Sunday State Journal... [Read More]
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' defense of a lame-duck session this week to limit the influence of a new governor and attorney general was, at best,... [Read More]
In this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands aren't buying the Assembly speaker's lame excuses for a post-election heist of trump cards that voters dealt... [Read More]