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BBC viewers voiced their outrage at the broadcaster's anti-Brexit coverage of the EU Withdrawal Bill earlier this week - calling out their 'editorial bias towards... [Read More]
According to a statement that cited Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, the Scottish government recommended its devolved parliament not to support... [Read More]
In the early hours the government won its vote on the EU withdrawal bill. But ministers can't relax, not for a moment. [Read More]
UK lawmakers have begun debating legislation to end Britain's membership in the European Union. [Read More]
Kenneth Clarke, the prominent Conservative MP, also warned the Brexit Secretary that he needed 'assurances' before voting for the legislation next week... [Read More]
The repeal bill, or EU withdrawal bill, is central to the government's plan to exit the bloc in 2019... [Read More]
Britain's main opposition Labour Party said on Tuesday it could not vote for the government's legislation to sever ties with the European Union unless it... [Read More]
Wales' food and farming industry could be "put back decades", the environment secretary says. [Read More]
The Scottish and Welsh governments "cannot recommend" the legislative consent to UK government's EU withdrawal bill, unless the changes, required by the devolved governments, are... [Read More]