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Environment secretary moves to end social media campaign against Conservative MPs who voted against EU withdrawal bill amendment... [Read More]
A majority of the UK's members of parliament somehow know that non-human animals are incapable feeling pain or experiencing emotions. I guess that means when... [Read More]
TORY rebels are plotting to "torpedo Brexit" by trying to insert new "layers of rights" into forthcoming legislation, two senior party figures have warned. [Read More]
FIXING the official Brexit time with the EU Withdrawal Bill could cause 'significant difficulties' should the UK wish for more time to negotiate with the... [Read More]
Crunch votes could be shelved until the New Year, MPs are told... [Read More]
At least 20 Conservative MPs are now prepared to vote against the government on amendments to the EU withdrawal bill. [Read More]
After a second day of debating the EU Withdrawal Bill, the government is yet to lose a vote. [Read More]
LIB DEM leader Vince Cable faced a stinging slap down by BBC host Emma Barnett after he claimed Theresa May's amendment to the EU withdrawal... [Read More]
ARCH-REMOANER Nicky Morgan said the Labour Party are not 'anywhere near power', despite Tory rebels threatening to side with the opposition over the EU withdrawal... [Read More]
Government's EU withdrawal Bill is going through the House of Commons... [Read More]
In the first of eight scheduled late night sittings on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the Conservatives did not try to conceal their splits on Brexit... [Read More]
NICOLA Sturgeon says European Union Withdrawal Bill needs to change "substantially" before Scotland can rubberstamp the legislation after face-face talks with Theresa May. [Read More]
The Commons is looking in detail at the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in line-by-line scrutiny. The Business Committee is taking evidence from car manufacturers. [Read More]
BREXIT minister Robin Walker trashed Remoaners' efforts to thwart the divorce from Brussels with their attempts to derail the EU Withdrawal Bill in Parliament. [Read More]
British MPs are beginning a two-day discussion of the EU Withdrawal Bill, which will allow the country's parliament to scrutinize the process of leaving the... [Read More]
NICOLA Sturgeon is "seeking clarity" on Brexit as the SNP look to force EU Withdrawal Bill changes in a meeting with Theresa May today. [Read More]
MPs table dozens of amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, the central piece of Brexit legislation. [Read More]
UK Parliament to vote on final Brexit deal before Britain leaves EU ... [Read More]
REMOANER Anna Soubry got into a heated clash with Brexiteer and Labour MP Frank Field after she claimed the latest amendment to the EU withdrawal... [Read More]
TORY MP Theresa Villiers has warned that Remainer MPs should 'respect' the decision of the British people and stop using the EU withdrawal bill to... [Read More]