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North Korea on Friday ruled out negotiations with Washington as long as joint U.S-South Korea military exercises continue, and said that Pyongyang's atomic weapons program... [Read More]
British tourist sues for jail ordeal over Buddha tattoo; Pope told not to use the word 'Rohingya'; Japanese fishermen seek 'North Korea insurance'... [Read More]
The meeting was part of the first known visit by a high-ranking Chinese official to North Korea in more than a year. [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump has hailed the Chinese government sending an envoy to North Korea Friday as a "big move" in the wake of his... [Read More]
Huge parasites and corn kernels in the stomach of a North Korean defector confirm fears about the country's desperate food and hygiene situation. [Read More]
ROBERT Mugabe's grip on power in Zimbabwe has been inspired by North Korea, with a look through history showing a puzzling relationship between dictators. [Read More]
THE NORTH KOREA threat has prompted key Japan, a key US ally, to increase its defences against Kim Jong-un's deadly nuclear arsenal. [Read More]
In China, Trump negotiated to prevent nuclear war with North Korea and got concessions on trade for his base in Ohio and Michigan. [Read More]
Unnamed soldier left critically injured after being shot five times by former comrades... [Read More]
China was preparing to dispatch its highest-level envoy to North Korea in two years on Friday in a bid to improve chilly relations, after President... [Read More]
NORTH Korea is developing new terrifying weapons as tension on the Korean peninsula threatens to boil over into all-out war. [Read More]
The visit is seen as a response to President Trump's pressure on China to do more. [Read More]