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Of note, 'Attack of the Clones' and 'Revenge of the Sith' were much more frontloaded than 'The Phantom Menace'. [Read More]
The New York Philharmonic is presenting the world premiere of the Star Wars film concert series, which begins September 15 and runs through October 7,... [Read More]
AP Photo The INSIDER Summary: GQ profiled Harrison Ford for its 60th anniversary issue. Ford is such an icon that he wore his... [Read More]
Walt Disney has a history of pitting two of their big movies against each other. [Read More]
Sci-fi filmmaker J.J. Abrams has been tapped to direct Star Wars: Episode IX after the departure of Colin Trevorrow, Lucasfilm announced on Tuesday, delaying its... [Read More]
J.J. Abrams is writing and directing Star Wars: Episode IX. Here's some ideas on how it can be the best possible movie. [Read More]
As 'Star Wars 9' moves one weekend after 'Wonder Woman 2,' I'll argue a shift to the summer of 2020 would offer Wonder Woman another... [Read More]
The return of J.J. Abrams indicates a return to cold, dry, formula. [Read More]
To lose one Star Wars director may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose four starts to look like there has been a great disturbance... [Read More]
Gwendoline Christie is a breakout star in two of the world's biggest franchises, so when it came time to pick what project came next for... [Read More]
Available online and in the UK starting October 12th, reports Alice@97.3... [Read More]
The UK's Royal Mail has announced eight new stamps in celebration of The Last Jedi... [Read More]
Eight stamps to mark new Star Wars film The Last Jedi, in which Luke Skywalker returns, are to be released with characters including Chewbacca, Supreme... [Read More]
The iconic Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars lore is literally one of the biggest figures in pop culture. [Read More]
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' will have a new droid: BB-9E, a darker, more ominous version of BB-8 from "The Force Awakens." [Read More]
It uses Lenovo's new Mirage AR headset and is compatible with Android and Apple's iOS. [Read More]
Even more Star Wars spin-offs may be landing in a galaxy near you - but will the force be with them? [Read More]
The Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy in Sydney is a volunteer organisation of Star Wars fans who use stage combat as a way to promote... [Read More]
Read more about For Last Jedi roll out, it's Star Wars meets Pokemon Go on Business Standard. Disney has created a smartphone app activated by... [Read More]
If it can work for Pokemon, then why not for the world of Obi-Wan? [Read More]