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WASHINGTON... [Read More]
The New Yorker reported a new accusation Sunday evening against Judge Brett Kavanaugh: that as a college freshman at Yale University, a drunken Kavanaugh "exposed... [Read More]
A photo showing an Idaho schoolboy lying on the ground to ensure that no part of an American flag touched the ground has gained international... [Read More]
  The liberal bias of the major social-media platforms in America has been documented by their own statements and by the ongoing censorship of conservative and... [Read More]
by Gen. Patrick Brady Editor's note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady was awarded the United States military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, and is... [Read More]
A survey of the percentages of search traffic received by 36 U.S. news sites, including many of the biggest, provides stark evidence that Google, representing... [Read More]
If you're going to get in the game, engaging cultural conversations from a Christian worldview, it's important to be a happy warrior. In other words,... [Read More]
It was a week of pure political theater, a disgrace to everything this country used to stand for, and Democrats loved every minute of what... [Read More]
In an alarming vote last week, the Texas Board of Education voted to remove mentions of prominent female icons such as Hillary Clinton and Helen... [Read More]
We now know that rape is real in the case against President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being raped by the... [Read More]
With the television stations carrying news about the Kavanaugh appointment, Rod Rosenstein and the New York Times, most of the medical news has been overlooked.... [Read More]
I'll say this for the Obamas – they know how to grab the spotlight and hang on, playing the little people for all they're worth... [Read More]
First they politicized the U.S. justice system by allowing the FBI to use its commissioned opposition research against Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, known as... [Read More]
Last article, I laid out my heart's compassion for all emigrants of the world who desire to come to America. I love all peoples of... [Read More]
by Pastor Sandor Nemeth I would like to offer my thoughts and analysis on events that are taking place in the European Union lately. I... [Read More]
I am really getting tired of the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh. This woman is a fraud and she is being given way too much publicity.... [Read More]
We're getting close to the last of the fall Feasts of the Lord, as they are called in Leviticus 23. Note they are not called... [Read More]
"The power to tax involves the power to destroy," wrote Chief Justice John Marshall, McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819. Perhaps no one had a greater impact... [Read More]
In the face of an ongoing Communist crackdown, pastors in China have vowed to continue preaching the Gospel, even if it costs them their lives.... [Read More]