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A pro-life counselor who repeatedly assisted women considering abortion has won a dispute with Raleigh, North Carolina, over a "safe zone" in which the city had banned free speech.... [Read More]
No evidence of fraud in #FloridaElection? Dems got voters to use altered forms to fix & submit as many mail ballots as possible after FL... [Read More]
It's an old joke: How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving. It seems that may be the case for the... [Read More]
Editor's note: Do you need something to smile about? Every day, WND selects the best joke offered up by readers and contributors to its Laughlines... [Read More]
It never ends! The so-called Washington, D.C., establishment swamp grows murkier and more deadly with every passing hour! Needless to say, it is on the... [Read More]
Now that Halloween and the elections are behind us, Washington is primed for another frightening spectacle: the lame duck Congress. That's when zombie congressmen, blasted... [Read More]
A couple weeks ago, a rediscovered McCall's magazine article dating back 60 years – to 1958 – took the internet by storm. Kim Marx-Kuczynski from... [Read More]
Most everyone is familiar with the party game limbo and the saying oft repeated while playing it: "How low can you go?" Well, there's another... [Read More]
at least temporarily... [Read More]
Have you ever seen American evangelicals this divided? Have you ever seen followers of Jesus so torn apart over politics? Obviously, during the Civil War... [Read More]
Thanksgiving is almost here, and of course that means Christmas is right on its heels. I think sometimes as we're focusing on Christmas that we... [Read More]
In coverage of the midterms, we've heard a lot about the House, the Senate, governorships, and even ballot measures, but almost nothing about state legislatures.... [Read More]
In a Twitter debate about the buy-back of assault weapons Friday, Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., boasted about the U.S. government having nuclear weapons at its... [Read More]
Stupid doesn't change, and neither do the ways of the GOP. Until and unless outside forces are brought to bear on the party, it will... [Read More]
The U.S. Department of Education published changes on Friday to rules that govern sexual assaults on college campuses, which provides more rights to the accused.... [Read More]
Health officials say an 11th patient has died amid an outbreak of a respiratory virus at a care facility in New Jersey. The state health... [Read More]
High-caste Hindus who have been harassing a church in Nepal forced it to shut down last week, sources said. For two months Brahmins, the highest... [Read More]
Canadian oil producers are in an increasingly tough predicament. With high and increasing oil demand around the globe over the last year, Canadian oil production... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State John Kerry claims "people are going to die" due to President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the... [Read More]
Officials in an Alabama county have a financial mess to wipe up after the sheriff's department mistakenly ordered 24,000 extra rolls of toilet paper. WAFF-TV... [Read More]