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Sandboxie is now a free download. Source code to be open-sourced at a later date. [Read More]
The company focuses on thwarting cyberattacks and frauds orchestrated by bots will use the money to invest in AI and grow its international business. [Read More]
Security issue fixed in late June, with the release of Chrome OS 75. Additional remediation steps below. [Read More]
The new Trojan will also harvest information from open browser sessions. [Read More]
Which generation iPhone last made you go "wow"? The iPhone 3G's App Store? The iPhone 4's retina display? iPhone 5's LTE? Touch ID? Those days... [Read More]
For those obsessed with the annual refresh of shiny devices, this week's Apple event appeared to be an iPhone 11 device roll-out. But that's not... [Read More]
The Gap as it is known today will split brands such as Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta and Old Navy for better focus. Executives outlined... [Read More]
In a new, propitiously-timed Galaxy Note 10 ad, the Korean handset maker laughs at a very specific element of the iPhone 11's camera. [Read More]
Is data better off in the cloud, or better off remaining on premises? [Read More]
Former hacker aims for a white-hat career, apologizes to one of his victims, and gives out advice to users. [Read More]
Microsoft's October 2 fall event is going to feature not just new Surface devices, but new services and 'experiences' as well. [Read More]
One conceptual artist is fighting to save the Holocene by re-terraforming earth. [Read More]
Simjacker attack abuses STK and S@T Browser technologies installed on some SIM cards. [Read More]
In an uncertain future, these technologies can be a force for progress. Of course, number one could also spell our doom. [Read More]
From supporting digital inclusion to boosting customer engagement, four IT leaders explain what they would do with a big cash injection. [Read More]
Apple has unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11. Here's everything you need to know. [Read More]
With improved cameras and services that require additional space, 64GB just doesn't cut it. [Read More]
One of the most peculiar and promising growth areas of robotics, these shelf scanners mean business. [Read More]
September will be a big month for iPhone and iPad (and iPod touch) owners as Apple releases iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iPadOS 13. [Read More]
Pre-orders for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max open Sep. 13 at Apple. Full availability starts Sept. 20, which is when... [Read More]
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