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The online tech retailer also has a sale on a 12-inch Huawei MateBook Windows tablet for $399.99. [Read More]
Nomad makes attractive accessories for the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, many using high quality Horween leather. Five new cases are available for the Apple... [Read More]
Choosing a Qi charger pad for your smartphone is not as easy as it sounds. [Read More]
In the absence of official figure, we have to go mining through third-party data to try to come to some conclusions. [Read More]
Topline growth in a subscription service can be quickly undermined by attrition. Salesforce Customer Success COO Thimaya Subaiya explained steps that companies can take to... [Read More]
Chrome extension Dittach makes quick and easy work of finding Gmail attachments. [Read More]
The smart speaker was slated for release in December, but it's not quite ready, Apple says. [Read More]
Quiznos SVP Advertising and Marketing Chris Ruszkowski explains how the company is driving a digital transformation of their core business, selling sub sandwiches, through social... [Read More]
Strong SaaS products are underpinned by solid platforms, and SaaS vendors are partnering with cloud infrastructure leaders to drive more innovation, according to Forrester Research's... [Read More]
Tesla has one fine big rig, but there were enough unknowns in the Tesla Semi unveiling to keep the transportation industry in wait-and-see mode. [Read More]
Tesla just unveiled an all-electric, semi-trailer truck at an event in California, and here's all you need to know. [Read More]
Want to see a couple of media-ripping towers? In this article, we showcase two David Gewirtz built for bulk ripping CDs and, believe it or... [Read More]
There's something about finding a new home (or purpose) for old hardware that almost brings a tear to my eye. [Read More]
GitHub's new service will help developers clean up vulnerable project dependencies. [Read More]
The country improves in the skills front and in broadband provision - but sees decline in use and access to tools, says report. [Read More]
HP's 14-inch ZBook 14u G4 is sturdily built, relatively thin and light for a mobile workstation, and provides plenty of connections and configuration options. However,... [Read More]
Via Qualcomm Life, UnitedHealthcare Motion is adding more devices to its plan that offers participants up to $1,000 a year for being more active. [Read More]
A malicious courier could easily freeze the Key's Cloud Cam and roam a customer's house unmonitored. [Read More]
Liz Herbert, a principal analyst for Forrester Research, spoke with ZDNet about the evolution of SaaS and how it will enable companies to disrupt business... [Read More]
The newly launched OnePlus 5T also offers Pixel XL 2-type specs at just over half the cost. [Read More]
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