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With The Mueller Report now in AG Barr's hands... many people in the Democrat/Media conglomerate are hoping for a rerun of Watergate, which they think... [Read More]
... the passenger "did not belong to the Ministry of the Armed Forces" and was participating in an "information flight." [Read More]
Your car will soon be using cameras to watch your every move. ... [Read More]
Anyone who has lived through or studied the preceding 40-year Cold War will recognize the ominous echoes of its most dangerous periods, when actual war... [Read More]
South Korea has a serious problem with spy cameras and illicit filming. [Read More]
"I was born and raised in an America far more Orwellian than many now remember... Matters have gone so far off the rails since 9/11... [Read More]
"To China, these fight jets have lost physical meaning, but they constitute a major political provocation..." [Read More]
...even after it's washed. ... [Read More]
The disconnect between work and reward undermines the motivation to work and to innovate... Socialism means turning over your freedom to your government, which claims... [Read More]
Is White House policy now being driven by an apocalyptic desire to usher in biblical prophecy? ... [Read More]
Are you prepared for a Little Red App in America? The two blue apps – Facebook and Twitter – already have years of your data and behaviour... [Read More]
... the industry was "approaching saturation point" [Read More]
Scientists and ethicists from around the world are warning of the consequences of failing to implement a temporary global halt on gene editing of human... [Read More]
Former Enron Chief Executive Jeff Skilling is out of prison after 12 years. And he's getting the old gang back together again. [Read More]
"The more challenges regulators put up in the banking industry, the more fuel these regulators add to the fire for crypto solutions." [Read More]
Residents enraged by Intercontinental Terminals Co. handling of the toxic emergency. [Read More]
"The caliphate is gone... Pretty good. That's pretty good, right?" [Read More]
Paging the NBER... [Read More]
It's official: whether it wanted to or not, the Fed's doubling-down on dovishness this Wednesday is now seen by the market as a major policy... [Read More]
Another month, another frightening jump in the US budget deficit. And this time it was a record. [Read More]