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Most people figure that Gotham is going to end the second Bruce Wayne dons the cowl. Once that happens, it's no longer Gotham; it's Batman. The show certainly seems... [Read More]
Next time someone calls you "bird-brained," take it as a compliment. Long thought to be dim-witted and foolish, our feathered friends are more capable than... [Read More]
The beguiling weirdness of Annihilation, the weirdly beguiling Love, and a discussion of the words in a Swedish folk song. [Read More]
Koei Tecmo has released the cinematic intro for the game. [Read More]
The interactive drama will release May 25. [Read More]
She is known as "The Defiant Blade." [Read More]
Blockchain may well form the basis for a secure, distributed application platform; here's how blockchain-based technology might be used to ... [Read More]
Ubisoft PR confirmed that the microtransactions will not affect gameplay. [Read More]
Focus Home Interactive highlights the praise for the narrative adventure game. [Read More]
Meet Princess, Sebastian, Isabella and others from the game. [Read More]
The full reveal is coming March 20. [Read More]
Is the new Tomb Raider good? Nope. Aww, really? Yeah, I was pretty bummed, too. Does it matter if you liked the reboot of the... [Read More]
If true, the listings point to PS4 and Xbox One releases, and a very sudden release. [Read More]
Microsoft celebrates the new milestone for the console version of the game. [Read More]
After several years of fumbled updates and questionable feature changes, Google is wiping the slate clean. Android Wear is now ... [Read More]
Deliver unusual punishment and rain down destruction. [Read More]
You can virtually ride one of the most popular motorcycles. [Read More]
The game is available now. [Read More]
It's here! We've been waiting patiently, well… semi-patiently, for months and it's finally here. The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. You know, the one with... [Read More]
Obidian's highly-anticipated RPG sequel is almost here. Find out what's inside the special edition, and who has the cheapest price. [Read More]