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A hundred years later, the Titanic's maiden voyage would probably have gone a lot smoother. Glaciers around the world have gradually shrunk since the 1960s:... [Read More]
Humans can barely operate weapons responsibly. So should we supply autonomous machines instead? The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (as its name suggests) doesn't think... [Read More]
As you may know, I'm a fan of the recently released Need for Speed: Payback. It has just about everything I want from a Need... [Read More]
Procedural code generated the bulk of the game's 35 hours of dialogue. Then humans made them amazing. [Read More]
Ever since that first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey showing humans in New Donk City with Mario walking alongside them, the very nature of humanity in... [Read More]
Year 3 will be a series of four Seasons, and will include 8 new operators, two new maps set in Morocco and Italy, and one... [Read More]
The research company has struggled to keep up with a changing industry. [Read More]
Take a listen to the demo of the localized version of Jump Up Super Star that Nintendo Treehouse sent to NCL. [Read More]
The Valkyria series is back in what looks to be a return to form with Valkyria Chronicles 4. [Read More]
It appears all the drama surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II and its microtransactions are directly impacting its sales. U.K. sales figures show Star Wars: Battlefront... [Read More]
Nintendo's latest mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp finally has a worldwide release date. Announced via the Animal Crossing Twitter account, Pocket Camp will... [Read More]
Pick your favorite heroes and join the battle for Earth in Marvel's new free-to-play mobile game. [Read More]
It's not often that people complain about transit being early. Typically, it's delayed flights, late buses, and plenty of car trouble. But in Tokyo, one... [Read More]
Our round up of the best Black Friday deals on the hottest tech and gaming products in the UK, including console bundles and video games. [Read More]
Several Live Black Friday Deals on Game of Thrones, TVs, Electronics, Tablets, PCs, and more. [Read More]
Modern art—with its abstract, conceptual, avant-garde approach—can be rather otherworldly. But Trevor Paglen is the first to take the characterization literally. In partnership with the... [Read More]
If you can't stand the sight of ugly bezels, but don't want to shell out big bucks for a phone with an 18:9 aspect ration,... [Read More]
This year saw the release of Sonic Mania, a retro throwback to the Genesis days of Sega's long-suffering hedgehog and inarguably the best Sonic game... [Read More]
You fight some freaky foes in the game. [Read More]
Comfort and luxury for four, great fuel economy with the hybrid, and a standard safety suite. Cargo capacity is limited and the driver may feel... [Read More]
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