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Death Trash promises to be a lot of things, most of them unpleasant. It's a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk RPG filled with, in its own words, "large... [Read More]
If you're looking forward to Rare's pirate shenanigan sim Sea of Thieves then it's worth keeping one eye on the game's YouTube channel, which posts... [Read More]
Guerrilla Games' open-world action title garnered a whopping 10 nominations. [Read More]
The base game will feature 20 playable characters, with another 20 planned as DLC. [Read More]
1C Company, owner of the combat flight sim franchise IL-2 Sturmovik, has announced a new cyberpunk RTS called Re-Legion (religion, geddit?), and the first batch... [Read More]
Washing dishes by hand isn't just tedious, it's also wasteful. In fact, some experts estimate that using a dishwasher uses ten times less water. Over... [Read More]
The patch note is an underappreciated art form. Among the dry details of damage buffs and bug fixes are occasionally brilliant puns or revelatory details... [Read More]
Twitch Prime subscribers have had a run of cracking games included with their subscription recently, including time-bending FPS Superhot and 2D strategy game SteamWorld Heist.... [Read More]
Long gone are the days when kids could play pick-up baseball games in the streets until dark, returning home only when called for dinner. We're... [Read More]
As they do from time to time, Google has acquired another technology startup. This time, it's a British company called Redux that's figured out, after... [Read More]
Battlefield 1's Operations mode, Evan argued a year ago, is one of the best game modes in any FPS, combining the scale of Conquest's 64-player... [Read More]
Small and large companies are taking advantage of consumer technology to enable new models and empower people to monitor and ... [Read More]
Play the first two episodes of a three-part campaign. [Read More]
CES has featured plenty of odd, amusing and surprising tech from lesser-known vendors hoping to stan... [Read More]
We saw many vendors experimenting with ways to either make you forget you're wearing a wearable or h... [Read More]
The Nemesis System first turned up in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Defeated Orc heroes could return in future missions to shout insults and seek revenge.... [Read More]
Breaking down language barriers: Travis the TranslatorIf you're a fan of Star Trek and it's universal translator, or maybe you Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's... [Read More]
It appears that Sega is getting ready to unveil something new next week: Earlier today, the publisher tweeted an image of a light bulb, with... [Read More]
Tom Senior: Year of warThe next big Total War was announced this week. Total War: Three Kingdoms travels to ancient China in a first for... [Read More]
Detective Pikachu won't just be a Ryan Reynolds movie for us, Cyberpunk 2077 breaks its silence, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta starts and John Wick... [Read More]