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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio suggested deployment of U.S. military deep inside Mexico to stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens. [Read More]
Billionaire George Soros is a financial contributor to The Collective, a little-known but increasingly influential political organization that says it is seeking to build a... [Read More]
Mark Judge, a writer in Washington, D.C., has reiterated his strong denial of allegations that he watched as Brett M. Kavanaugh allegedly sexually | Big... [Read More]
Aaron Klein argues that when no banks fail, it's a bad sign for the economy. [Read More]
Since taking office eighteen months ago, President Donald Trump has proven himself beyond a doubt to be the most pro-Israel president in American history. However,... [Read More]
Aaron Klein argues that a recent proposal from Sen. Elizabeth Warren requiring corporations to consider how their actions affect a broader set of stakeholders beyond... [Read More]
Rob Goldstone is known to write "clueless" messages, a former associate who was also present at the infamous Trump Tower meeting said. [Read More]
Aaron Klein recounts being on the ground when the Trump Administration announced tariffs and began this recent exchange in economic warfare as fascinating, and a... [Read More]
Aaron Klein states that America's public infrastructure is decaying. He argues that the solution to our infrastructure problem is to invesnt more wisely at all... [Read More]
Aaron Klein discusses the Supreme Court's rule in American Express' card fee case and how it prevents innovative FinTech from breaking into the market with... [Read More]
'Why doesn't NBC have me on to discuss the rape?'... [Read More]
Aaron Klein looks at false narratives surrounding recent changes to Dodd-Frank and explains what it means for the future of regulation. [Read More]
A Washington Post article reporting on yesterday's Hamas-organized Gaza riots typifies the biased nature of much of the news media's coverage. [Read More]
Hamas, desperate over their increasingly precarious situation in Gaza and eager to please Iranian paymasters, has escalated the premeditated, openly violent campaign aimed at breaching... [Read More]
Egypt issued a rare condemnation of the Israel Defense Forces actions as the Israeli military protects the Jewish state's borders. [Read More]
Hamas predictably took advantage of the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to stage violent riots aimed at overrunning the Israel-Gaza border. [Read More]
Israelis flocked to Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv in the wee hours of the morning to celebrate the country's victory in Saturday's Eurovision song... [Read More]
The next few days may well be the most challenging and fateful period that Israel's security establishment has contended with for decades. [Read More]
The ongoing proxy war that Iran has been waging on Israel for years exploded into open, direct confrontation last night when Iranian forces... [Read More]
Iranian forces operating from Syria fired about 20 rockets at Israeli army positions in the Golan Heights, the Israel Defense Forces said on Tuesday night. [Read More]