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The city has revealed the first details about a planned street cleaning pilot project that will endeavor to improve Philadelphia's lackluster litter collection efforts. The... [Read More]
Alex Jay Berman is stressed out. The Philadelphia father hasn't a gotten a paycheck in a month. In two weeks, the balance of his savings... [Read More]
Outside of Dr. Louis Brown's dermatology clinic in Northeast Philadelphia, a string of "no parking" signs warn drivers to stay off the block on Tuesday... [Read More]
It doesn't happen all the time, but it's not unheard of in Philadelphia. [Read More]
The last two decades of Bill Lowry's life are hard to fathom. [Read More]
A new study of Philadelphia and four other U.S cities calls the country's housing choice voucher program — formerly known as Section 8 — "daunting"... [Read More]
This time next week, Philadelphia police will officially shut down half of the homeless encampments in Kensington, ground zero of the city's opioid epidemic. [Read More]
the biggest and most expensive state prison in Pennsylvania - is slated to open in Montgomery County next month about a mile from the aged... [Read More]
A few months before he was assassinated, Martin Luther King, Jr. launched the Poor People's Campaign, an effort to end poverty in the U.S. Today,... [Read More]
The District Attorney's Office and even Pennsylvania's governor have voiced support for releasing the rapper, but his attorneys still need to convince his presiding judge. [Read More]
As the Philadelphia Eagles gear up for Sunday's Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, we look into whether Philly's sports fans deserve their reputation... [Read More]
A handful of restaurants around the country are giving up on cash. Paying for your meal with a credit card or electronically makes for better... [Read More]
Victims of a shooting or stabbing in Philadelphia may soon become part of a study to figure out what kind of care is better--going straight... [Read More]
Part of Philadelphia's budget for the Democratic National Convention was set aside to help tackle homelessness. The money temporarily paid for more outreach workers and... [Read More]
Indicted Philadelphia congressman Chaka Fattah hasn't faced a democratic challenger in more than two decades. Now he's fighting for his political life as he runs... [Read More]
The Little League World Series is in full swing. Perennial teams like Japan are still alive, but so is a country making just its second-ever... [Read More]
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Jameel Farruk kicked things off with a war story about Inhabi, an "e-Harmony-style" matchmaking website for renters and landlords.Photo Credit: Emma Lee | [Read More]
A student-led fight to keep the word "Redskins" out of the pages of a Bucks County high school newspaper is heating up.Photo Credit: Eugene Sonn... [Read More]
A bright, floral-dotted mural is taking shape on the corrugated security gates of a Germantown daycare center.Photo Credit: Aaron Moselle | [Read More]