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Have you noticed that cannabis retailers are starting to spend more money on modern architecture, tasteful design, and premium customer experiences? That corporate cannabis titans... [Read More]
According to new survey data, many fear that humans could lose their autonomy or even their free will... [Read More]
Around half of U.S. adults who use Facebook say they do not understand why certain posts but not others are included in their news feed. [Read More]
Snoop Dogg isn't the only celebrity with his own cannabis brand. Pro-pot celebrities like the Marley family, Willie Nelson and even Mike Tyson have their... [Read More]
No doubt, the past few years have been transformational for the cannabis industry. We've seen tremendous innovation and growth happening at a pace nearly unimaginable... [Read More]
Nicholas Caporella, CEO of the company that makes LaCroix, has been sued by two former pilots alleging unwanted sexual touching. [Read More]
Guinness, which is owned by Diageo, is opening its first US brewery since 1954... [Read More]
Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived treatment for epilepsy, is an FDA-approved prescription drug that would be sold in pharmacies, not dispensaries. [Read More]
American Outdoor Brands, the gun maker that owns Smith & Wesson, reports earnings. [Read More]
JetBlue is the latest airline to require more documentation for emotional support animals. The airline allows cats, dogs and miniature horses. [Read More]
Federal prohibition bans US cannabis companies from listing on the Nasdaq and the NYSE, but Canadian cannabis are allowed, because Canada doesn't prohibit pot. [Read More]
Sears has named 63 non-profitable stores that it plans to close,... [Read More]
Back in February, Dick's Sporting Goods made a bold decision to stop selling assault style rifles and high capacity magazines, and to raise the minimum age to... [Read More]
Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack says the retailer has gained customers since doing away with 'assault-style' guns. [Read More]
The DOJ said that Bayer has agreed to divest $9 billion worth of assets, including seeds and herbicide, to complete its $66 billion merger with... [Read More]
Milton Savage sits on the porch of his cement board house on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, about 40 kilometers (24 miles) north of... [Read More]
Revlon names Debra Perelman, the owner's daughter, as its first female CEO... [Read More]
Distrust of self-driving cars is on the rise, according to AAA, and recent crashes are to blame. [Read More]
A federal judge in New York has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a former Fox News host who accused the network of illegal electronic... [Read More]
A federal judge in New York dismissed a sexual harassment lawsuit from ex-anchor Andrea Tantaros versus former Fox employers including Roger Ailes. [Read More]