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Residents of Silicon Valley self-identify as middle class, even when their salaries dwarf the true definition. [Read More]
In 1999, Columbine High School, in Littleton, Colorado, faced at the time the largest school shooting in American history. Myths about the two shooters and... [Read More]
A good number of US presidents have belonged to secret societies over the years. - In fact, a whopping 14 presidents were Freemasons. - But... [Read More]
19 years after the Columbine High School massacre, survivors still have physical and emotional scars. Watching a shooting like Parkland, Florida is unbearable. [Read More]
AP Photo/Mel Evans An Ivy League education is often thought to be a ticket to future successes. The most recent admissions numbers —... [Read More] Debates about "best" and "worst" cities elicit strong feelings. It's a tricky issue because such debates are largely subjective. So Business... [Read More]
Jorge Silva/Reuters All eyes are on the relationship between North and South Korea at the winter Olympics. North Korea boycotted the Olympics last... [Read More]
The Department of Justice is currently investigating admissions policies at Harvard to see whether they discriminate against Asian-Americans. The Asian-American Coalition for Education is... [Read More]
President Donald Trump unveiled a budget plan Monday that appears to put a slew of loan forgiveness programs in peril. [Read More]
Fierce competitiveness is pretty common among athletes that are regarded as the best in their sport. [Read More]