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Theresa May has delayed the key vote on her Brexit deal amid fears that MPs would hand her a crushing defeat. [Read More]
Theresa May has delayed the Brexit vote scheduled for Tuesday evening amid fears she would lose by a significant margin. More than 100 Conservative MPs... [Read More]
Theresa May refuses to delay the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal. The prime minister's spokesperson says the House of Commons vote will go ahead... [Read More]
Sources close to Jeremy Corbyn tell Business Insider that the party risks a damaging backlash if it opts to back a second Brexit referendum. The... [Read More]
The former Foreign Secretary failed to declare all of the money he had received to House authorities. [Read More]
Getty Theresa May is struggling to stave off a landslide defeat of her Brexit deal in parliament next week. In a... [Read More]
MPs vote to find the UK government in contempt of parliament after it refused to release official legal advice on Theresa May's Brexit deal. The... [Read More]
Theresa May warns that Brexit talks are deadlocked. The Prime Minister says she will not accept EU proposals on the Northern Ireland border. She accuses... [Read More]
European Council President Donald Tusk tells Theresa May that EU leaders are unanimous in opposing her Brexit plans. The so-called Chequers plan would be unacceptable... [Read More]
Sir Vince Cable declared Brexit "can and must be stopped" as he called on Theresa May to hold a second referendum, in his keynote speech... [Read More]
The latest tranche of no-deal Brexit papers have been released by the UK government. They reveal that mobile phone calls in Europe could become more... [Read More]
Boris Johnson insists May's Brexit plans are "substantially worse" than remaining in the EU. The former foreign secretary renewed his attack on prime minister Theresa... [Read More]
EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier says a deal is "possible" and "realistic" by the start of November... [Read More]
The Liberal Democrat leader on Friday confirmed the story, first reported by Business Insider last month, that he plans to make way for a successor... [Read More]
Theresa May accuses Boris Johnson of not being serious and having "no new ideas" on Brexit. Downing Street's statement comes after Johnson used his Telegraph... [Read More]
New poll finds a majority of decided Scottish and Northern Ireland voters would opt to split from the United Kingdom if Brexit goes ahead. [Read More]
Labour MP Frank Field resigns from the party saying Jeremy Corbyn's party is now a "force for antisemitism" The rebel MP said he will now... [Read More]
London Mayor Sadiq Khan laughs off plans to launch a balloon of him in a yellow bikini. "If people want to spend their Saturday looking... [Read More]
Brexit campaign funder Arron Banks has called for UKIP activists to join the Conservative party in order to overthrow Theresa May and install a more... [Read More]
The far-right British National Party has backed Boris Johnson in the ongoing row over his comments about Muslim women who wear the burqa. A statement... [Read More]