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Walmart has over 4,600 stores in the US. Between its Supercenters (187,000 sq ft on average), Discount Stores (104,000 sq ft), Neighborhood Markets (42,000 sq…... [Read More]
After years of brinksmanship, Venezuela is officially in default, according to credit ratings agency Standard & Poor. The country failed to make an interest payment…... [Read More]
Bags of saline solution—essentially, salt water—are used to administer drugs and cost only $1.50 each. But it is getting increasingly hard for US hospitals to…... [Read More]
The thorniest issue around Brexit is the size of the bill that the UK has to pay before leaving the EU. The two parties are…... [Read More]
A court in London has upheld a ruling that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors—in part because they are punished if they fail to accept…... [Read More]
Power generation in Puerto Rico dropped from 42% coverage to 18% on Thursday on after a power transmission line failed. [Read More]
Officials in Maine and Massachusetts are working to shift the state's clocks, forsaking Daily Savings Time and moving from the Eastern to the Atlantic time…... [Read More]
Paraguay just removed all visa requirements for Singaporeans—following 158 other countries who did the same—helping the Asian nation nudge aside Germany as the issuer of…... [Read More]
The new members of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC)—the Chinese Communist Party's top rung of power—notably included no one in their 50s. [Read More]
The world's wine output in 2017 is expected to fall to its lowest point in more than fifty years, due primarily to harsh weather in…... [Read More]
Sock-sneakers are trending for fashionistas: Balenciaga's Speed Trainers cost $595 to $695, if you can find them. [Read More]
Puerto Rico has paid more than $20 billion in federal taxes to the US between 2010 and 2015. The territory paid $3.5 billion in 2015,…... [Read More]
Some exchanges showed bitcoin soaring above $6,000 last week. That gives Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudononymous inventor of the digital currency, a estimated wealth of $5.9…... [Read More]
That's how many time average US smartphone users touch their phones every day—including tapping, typing, swiping and clicking. [Read More]
The number of undernourished people rose to 815 million last year—11% of the global population—from 777 million in 2015. [Read More]
Government news resource covering technology, performance, employment, telework, cybersecurity, and more for federal employees. [Read More]
The US is withdrawing about 60% of its embassy staff from Havana after attacks that caused traumatic brain injuries and permanent hearing loss in at…... [Read More]
Crisis situations can bring out the best, worst, and stupidest behavior mankind has to offer. That's doubly true when the crisis is in Florida, infamously... [Read More]
The devastatingly powerful Hurricane Irma has shifted west into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with an expected track through the Tampa Bay... [Read More]
Uber is in desperate need of a game-changing CEO after Travis Kalanick's ouster last week—and one intriguing candidate is currently working at the company's legal... [Read More]