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Palestinian Authority foreign ministry official Omar Awadallah says the signed forms will be submitted to UN's Universal Postal Union next week; move could spark US... [Read More]
Col. Ahmed Abu al-Rub is raked over the coals in social media for aiding soldiers; PA police chief Hazem Atallah orders an investigation... [Read More]
Social media company sought to temper anger over Russian meddling by making the billionaire philanthropist its boogeyman, according to NYT report... [Read More]
At international conference in Tel Aviv, experts speak of need to protect public from hazards of algorithm-run lives... [Read More]
Smartphone warnings have become an important safety tool, and a small way for Israelis to show solidarity with areas under attack. But some say they're... [Read More]
Israeli airline says several officials have been questioned in investigation into possible misuse of inside information... [Read More]
Service, which features portfolios by hundreds of photographers who upload their work, says it deleted images once they were brought to its attention... [Read More]
In Masyaf, northwestern Syria, photos show launchers of advanced air defense system provided by Russia not yet erected, radar equipment covered, according to ImageSat International... [Read More]
Despite advancing more tenders for homes beyond the Green Line then any predecessor in the same time span, the Yisrael Beytenu head found himself cast... [Read More]
Mahmoud Abu Asabeh, a contractor who spent much of his time in Israel, was the sole fatality in 2 days of barrages from Strip; he... [Read More]
Week two of the Israel Museum's annual dance in the galleries event brought Renana Raz's 'Culture Form,' examining forms as a shape or value... [Read More]
Demonstrations held in Khan Younis, Gaza City, Jabalya, Rafah, and Ramallah to 'celebrate the victory of the resistance' while terror group mocks Israeli leaders... [Read More]
Kuwait, Bolivia request Tuesday session on recent violence between Israel and Hamas; Israeli envoy: 'We won't accept a call for both sides to exercise restraint'... [Read More]
Late on Monday night, a rocket destroyed the home of a family in the southern Israeli town of Netivot. This is not that story... [Read More]
Some demonstrators in Sderot clash with police, chant 'Bibi go home'; protesters said planning rally in Tel Aviv Wednesday... [Read More]
With turnout at just 26.3 percent, race in capital too close to call as residents choose between ultra-Orthodox-backed Lion and secular Berkovitch... [Read More]
Uncle of 48-year-old Mahmoud Abu Asabeh says his nephew had worked in Israel for some 15 years; COGAT spokeswoman says he had permission to spend... [Read More]
Palestinian Authority orders medicines be shipped to Gaza; diplomatic source says ceasefire efforts 'still ongoing'... [Read More]
UN mediator says he is working with Cairo and others to end massive breakout of border violence as both sides threaten to ratchet up fighting... [Read More]
IDF says Al-Aqsa TV used for military activities, including sending messages to terror operatives; Islamic Jihad condemns attack... [Read More]