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The Department of Justice has unsealed a criminal complaint against Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova, allegedly the chief accountant for "troll farm" operation Project Lakhta. [Read More]
Renowned appropriation artist Richard Prince's legal filings, the latest in a years-long copyright battle, argue that printing a social media screenshot is art. They can... [Read More]
Microsoft's former sports marketing director Jeff Tran was indicted for wire fraud after allegedly filing nearly $1.5 million in false invoices and reselling NFL tickets... [Read More]
The former Google engineer, who was fired for circulating an anti-diversity memo last year, has agreed to arbitration while the attempt at a class action... [Read More]
Google has delayed a Chrome update that breaks audio on many web games until December, but developers are still frustrated with how it's handled the... [Read More]
Amazon Studios' original series has departed from the story told in the Philip K. Dick novel it started out adapting. But in pushing its protagonists... [Read More]
Five stories from this week 20 years ago, including cyber dating, Y2K, and one of the worst new TV shows of 1998. [Read More]
Linux's founder Linus Torvalds has apologized for years of verbally abusive emails, and Linux has instituted a new code of conduct. But will it actually... [Read More]
Walmart will send Oculus Go virtual reality headsets to every US branch of its stores, using a total of over 17,000 headsets to train employees,... [Read More]
Valve's Steam platform moderators will start responding to flagged posts on its game discussion boards, instead of leaving the task mostly to individual developers. [Read More]
The Creepy Line is a documentary about Google and Facebook that spins criticism about privacy and echo chambers into a conspiracy about anti-conservative censorship. [Read More]
Cody Wilson, whose company Defense Distributed sells files for 3D-printable firearms, has had an arrest affidavit filed for sexually assaulting an underage girl he met... [Read More]
Google's controversial Dragonfly search engine prototype, reportedly designed to let it reenter the heavily censored Chinese search market, reportedly links users' searches to their mobile... [Read More]
A.Human is an Instagram-friendly art installation about a future where body modification is the next big fashion trend, directed by marketing executive and Kardashian family... [Read More]
Reddit has banned the primary home of QAnon, a conspiracy theory involving coded messages from an anonymous government official, for inciting harassment. [Read More]
Google's 20th anniversary, a fight over flame mail, and other science and technology stories from the week of September 8th, 1998. [Read More]
Facebook is tying new augmented reality experiences to physical copies of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, viewable through Facebook mobile apps. [Read More]
The paranoid but optimistic 2001 thriller imagined a world where a software company kills for code and open source will save us all. [Read More]
The antitrust battles of the 1990s laid a foundation not only for the rise of modern tech platforms like Google, but for the way we... [Read More]
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg appeared before Congress at a series of hearings Wednesday in Washington, DC... [Read More]