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UNC researchers say it's possible e-cigarettes could be just as harmful as smoking. [Read More]
If the budget request is approved, it will still take time to hire and train new SROs. [Read More]
In Durham, at Duke University's campus, excitement is in the atmosphere. [Read More]
"Oh my God, that is my house," Hal Burdick said as he drove up to the scene of fire trucks and police cars. [Read More]
"I starts the day off, it's good for us it's better than a cup of coffee." [Read More]
"Over the years I've seen a lot of wrecks that have played out in a different scenario," one of the men said. [Read More]
Nash County woman dies while driving to pick up toddler son, grandmother says... [Read More]
CBS North Carolina asked the City of Durham what if any plans they had to add a crosswalk to the intersection. [Read More]
CBS North Carolina reached out to G17UNC for comment, but did not hear back. [Read More]
The three employees were working on a sewer pipeline when they were robbed, officials said. [Read More]
CBS North Carolina is asking officials what, if anything, can be done to make the road safer. [Read More]
While Trinity Road is closed, a detour road will be provided through Edwards Mill Road, Wade Avenue, and Blue Ridge Road. [Read More]
On Monday, 1,283 teachers called out of schools in Wake County. [Read More]
"This is probably the longest I've been sober since I was 20-years-old," said Michael Early. [Read More]
The meeting happened at the Light House, a youth facility built in honor of Deah Barakat. [Read More]
Durham Police say 16-year-old Sacoiya Sellers, and her infant son Jacyeon Sellers are missing. [Read More]
Officials say both city and county residents would get stronger emergency services. [Read More]
"This is going to pave over 60,000 feet of streams," one lawyer said. [Read More]
The plan is to work with WakeMed to transport blood. [Read More]
"Wipes and sanitizers will be there," one Super Bowl party host said. [Read More]