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A former vice detective is at the center of one of the New York Police Department's worst scandals in recent years. Here is his story,... [Read More]
Lisa Marie Velasquez tried to stop a domestic assault on her battered friend. The abuser turned on her with a hammer, then cut up her... [Read More]
Prosecutors have dealt blows to the gang's hierarchy, leaving a vicious scramble for power among splinter groups. The feud cost Lesandro Guzman-Feliz his life. [Read More]
The police have now charged 10 people in connection with the vicious stabbing death of the 15-year-old, who was dragged out of a bodega and... [Read More]
The grisly attack on Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was likely a case of mistaken identity in a gang feud. [Read More]
A former patrolman charged with vehicular manslaughter was released from jail after four months in a plea deal with Queens prosecutors. [Read More]
The gun that killed the Queens religious leader and his assistant were found in Oscar Morel's home, but prosecutors never identified a motive. [Read More]
Some questions and answers about the case against Harvey Weinstein. [Read More]
The challenges in prosecuting, and defending, a sex crimes case aimed at a once-powerful target with high priced lawyers... [Read More]
Both were instantly killed in a fall of at least several stories from the Gotham Hotel. [Read More]
Nearly a year ago, a New York City police officer, Dalsh Veve, was flung from a fleeing car in Brooklyn and injured so grievously his... [Read More]
Authorities said that the president of a security force for the ultra-Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn sexually abused a 15-year-old girl last year. [Read More]
Detective Dalsh Veve nearly died in June as he tried to stop a fleeing car on foot. On Monday, he was well enough to leave... [Read More]
More than 12 years after the dogs were found, Andres Lopez Elorez was arraigned on federal charges of conspiring to import and distribute narcotics. [Read More]
After the police halted A trains for 90 minutes to investigate a rush-hour fight, the head of New York City Transit cried foul. [Read More]
Two Muslim women are among the plaintiffs in a class action claiming that a police policy violates civil rights. [Read More]
The crash of an American military helicopter killed seven service members, including the two firefighters attached to an Air National Guard unit. [Read More]
Herman Bell was one of three men convicted in the 1971 ambush killings of two police officers in Harlem. Now, at age 70, he will... [Read More]
The crash revived calls for helicopter tours to be restricted over Manhattan and raised questions about the safety of amateurs being allowed on so-called photo... [Read More]
Only the pilot survived the crash north of Roosevelt Island. The passengers were tightly harnessed and had to be cut out by emergency responders who... [Read More]