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In an entrance fit for a king, Dutch Prince Pieter Christiaan arrived at the Amsterdam Arena on Monday in what has been described as the... [Read More]
Pictures have emerged of fight over an animal carcass in South Africa between a hippo and a pack of wild dogs - and in the... [Read More]
Thousands of mourners have said an emotionally charged farewell to anti-apartheid icon Winnie Mandela at a stadium in her former home of Soweto as worldwide... [Read More]
The doors of former Hollywood doyenne Zsa Zsa Gabor's residence in California have been flung open ahead of the auction by her widower husband of... [Read More]
Nathan Carman has put his Vermont farmhouse on the market because he is 'digging deep' to pay for legal fees incurred after he was accused... [Read More]
Lara Trump's son Luke has been introduced to his grandparents on the other side of the family- sporting a junior quiff that would have made... [Read More]
Prince Charles jokes about 'budgie smugglers' before embarking on an historic one-day visit to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, where he donned a... [Read More]
Such was the confidence of Ukrainian bulletproof vest maker Vyacheslav Nalyvaiko in his product that that he was prepared to put it to the ultimate... [Read More]
A malfunctioning ski lift in Georgia -operating at twice its normal speed - ended up throwing terrified skiers off as it reached the... [Read More]
'Be quiet! Some of us are trying to get some sleep around here!' appeared to be the reaction of this camouflaged owl in Quebec when... [Read More]
Two emaciated lions and an underfed tiger have been rescued from dismal and squalid conditions at a circus in Spain after protracted negotiations to secure... [Read More]
India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads over many issues during the last 70 years, but up until now the wrongful use of doorbells is... [Read More]
Officials in Oklahoma say they intend to use nitrogen as a means of executing condemned inmates once the state resumes the death penalty - but... [Read More]
The family of Nick Gordon's new girlfriend have warned that she may end up 'dead like his ex Bobbi Kristina Brown' - the daughter of... [Read More]
An unusual ranch in the middle of the Californian desert which contains luxurious fittings, landscaped gardens and its own helicopter pad has gone on the... [Read More]
Nick Gordon is 'back on the police radar' over the death of Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown after he was arrested over the... [Read More]
The Kalahari Waterpark resort in Sandusky, Ohio, was evacuated after a three-foot length of corrugated metal duct fell into two pools, injuring five people... [Read More]
North Californian ICE spokesman James Schwab resigns after he alleged that he had been pressured into providing fake news in relation to a controversial... [Read More]
An alleged burglar in California chose the wrong target when he raided the home of former Bulldog's baseball star Terance Frazier. - he was... [Read More]
Former Nike executive Erik Hagerman, 53, was so distraught by Donald Trump's election victory he decided not to read, hear or watch the news -... [Read More]