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The Opelika Police Department is reporting that an armed robbery occurred Wednesday evening. [Read More]
Harris Co. firefighters were able to extinguish a fire that had spread across several greenhouses in the city of Ellerslie. [Read More]
The LaGrange Development Authority has made the launch of the Georgia International Business Park (GIBP) official. [Read More]
Vodka sauce is one thing. But vodka mozzarella? [Read More]
A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that "Philly shows brotherly love" to its food truck entrepreneurs. [Read More]
If you are about ready to retire, you should give the city of Auburn a try. [Read More]
Superior Court Clerk, Dr. Ann L. Hardman passed away Monday. Now, News Leader 9 has learned of her funeral arrangements. [Read More]
Do you have any vintage toys you are looking to get rid of? America's "Toy Scout" is coming to Columbus to help take them off... [Read More]
Breaking down Trump's approach to fight globalists while giving a tour of Infowars HQ... [Read More]
They're highlighting the cuisine of a different Southern state each month, starting on March 22nd. [Read More]
Monk's and Fergie's will tap kegs of the coveted brew tonight to raise funds for Sheila Modglin's recovery. [Read More]
The house of cards is coming down for the traitors of America. [Read More]
News Leader 9 is learning of reports that a rollover accident has occurred on U.S. Hwy. 431 this morning. ... [Read More]
The United States is only weeks away from rebirth, but more battles lie ahead. [Read More]
St. Patrick's Day is not all about shamrocks and beer for everyone, so for those looking for kid-friendly décor, we have some tips and ideas... [Read More]
We always talk about "backing the blue," but one pair of law enforcement officers made sure the community knew they would back them too. [Read More]
St. Francis Hospital in Columbus is responding to a privacy incident where patient files were improperly disposed of accidentally. [Read More]
The Columbus Police Department is hosting a neighborhood watch meeting. [Read More]
The Talbot County Board of Education sent out a statement last night that stated Central Elementary, Middle, and High school will be closed today, Mar.... [Read More]
The Georgia Power Company is reporting that nearly 300 people are without power this morning in northeast Columbus.  According to the power company, at... [Read More]