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Natural gas experts are casting doubt on an explanation provided by the owner of a major gas transmission pipeline that higher-than-normal demand caused the outage... [Read More]
PROVIDENCE — The natural-gas outage on Aquidneck Island appears to have its origins in a single faulty valve that may be located dozens of miles away... [Read More]
Rhode Island's real estate market is already feeling the effects of climate change.That's according to new research released on Tuesday, which found that the values... [Read More]
Also includes the creation of a $23-million fund to research new gear and technology to support safe fishing in and around wind turbines as part... [Read More]
Regulators, worried about preserving this crucial species in the food chain, are considering new ecosystem-based restrictions that would affect prime fishing grounds off Rhode Island... [Read More]
Regional power grid seeks to terminate key contract because of delays in building Invenergy's natural gas-burning plant, though a company official says the plant would... [Read More]
"We'll definitely be looking at the specifics of what went wrong and whether there are any lessons learned that are applicable to Rhode Island," said... [Read More]
Voters narrowed the field for the city's first-ever elected mayor down to two on Wednesday, with Roberto DaSilva and James M. Russo coming in first... [Read More]
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Robert Flanders announced his opposition to the proposed Invenergy power plant in Burrillville on Thursday and accused incumbent Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse... [Read More]
A group representing Rhode Island youth started legal proceedings on Wednesday that aims to compel the state to take action against climate change.Nature's Trust Rhode... [Read More]
The four candidates vying to become this city's first-ever elected mayor debated everything from reining in taxes and sewer rates to improving the economy and... [Read More]
Changes will affect gas and electricity and will take place over the next three years. [Read More]
The crux of a lawsuit over a water deal between the Town of Johnston and Chicago-based power plant developer Invenergy may come down to six... [Read More]
The hikers stepped out of the woods into a meadow of wildflowers that stretched over a rise and curved far away to the right.Debbie Mitchell... [Read More]
Over the past year or so, municipalities across Rhode Island have struggled to strike a balance between preserving woodlands, farms and open space while allowing... [Read More]
Raimondo said that increasing the state's investment in renewable energy will not only help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change but... [Read More]
Before you can build a wind farm in the ocean, you have to understand what's on and underneath the ocean floor. [Read More]
JAMESTOWN, R.I. -- In a display of the camaraderie that helps define the Save The Bay Swim, the 42nd rendition on Saturday finished in a tie,... [Read More]
Nearly four months into a review of its proposal by Rhode Island coastal regulators, Vineyard Wind has been unable to allay fears that its proposed... [Read More]
Rhode Island electric rates are set to continue a roller-coaster ride that sees them dip down in the warm-weather months and surge higher when temperatures... [Read More]