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Laibach has been flirting with totalitarian symbols, and confusing audiences, for decades. Their new album of "Sound of Music" covers is puzzling, too. [Read More]
'Entire generations of Belgians came here and got the message that colonialism was a good thing'... [Read More]
Anna Burns will use some of her Booker prize money for back treatment that could allow her to write again. [Read More]
Mr. Fabre, an international figure in the arts, is accused by several women of sexual harassment and bullying, and officials in Belgium are investigating. [Read More]
The six books in the running for one of the world's major literary awards includes a novel written in verse. Two American authors made the... [Read More]
Cary Joji Fukunaga is to direct the 25th James Bond movie. [Read More]
Contenders for the literary prize include novels by Richard Powers and Rachel Kushner, suggesting that a debate about Americans dominating the prize will continue. [Read More]
To many people, a school photograph is a forgettable moment of childhood that often causes mild embarrassment later on. [Read More]
The almost-three-year renovation includes the 406-seat Linbury Theater, and more public spaces in the foyer. [Read More]
The artist and film director plans to collect pictures of about 115,000 children in London to try to capture the city's diversity. [Read More]
Last week, Marie Foulston stood in the Victoria and Albert Museum trying to explain what was so groundbreaking about a host of recent video games.... [Read More]
Marie Foulston is the curator of video games at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her first exhibition shows how games can break new... [Read More]
Thirty years ago, British youth culture was transformed by acid house music and the drug Ecstasy — with, surprisingly, a little help from a group... [Read More]
The musician was found in January in a bathtub after a bout of heavy drinking, and there was no evidence of self-harm, a court in... [Read More]
From an ancient Babylonian brick to a Banksy prank, a new show at the British Museum traces the long history of political dissent. [Read More]
The first episode of a new hourlong show mixed rugged scenes from the president's travels with praise from studio experts — to an extent that... [Read More]
Harry sang a line from the hit musical at the end of a charity performance in London on Wednesday. [Read More]
Germany's national train operator will start playing atonal music in a Berlin station to deter antisocial behavior. It just may deter passengers, too. [Read More]
The father of the pop star Dua Lipa has started a festival that he hopes will change the way people think about his country. [Read More]
The government of Chile said it would ask for the return of the statue, which was taken by British sailors in 1868, on behalf of... [Read More]