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A small town in Alabama recently lifted a months-long curse from a nearby "poop train," but the effects lingered. One of the biggest names in... [Read More]
Less than a month after a CNN investigation uncovered more than 100 sexual assault allegations against Uber drivers, several members of Congress on Monday are asking for... [Read More]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised last week to privately meet with members of European Union Parliament to discuss data safety in the wake of the... [Read More]
Two Montana women have accused a U.S. Border Patrol agent of harassing them for speaking Spanish. Ana Suda of Havre, Montana, said the agent stopped... [Read More]
One of the world's most popular video games is coming to the world's most popular phone ecosystem in the near future. In a blog post... [Read More]
The Android version of the popular video game "Fortnite" will release before the leaves turn, according to Epic Games. [Read More]
A Connecticut kidnapper made unusual use of a large reptile while abducting a man and asking for ransom, according to police. In order to prove... [Read More]
It has not been the greatest week for New York City-based lawyer Aaron Schlossberg. Video emerged of Schlossberg accosting employees of a Manhattan restaurant for... [Read More]
As always, there will be another "Call of Duty" game flying off shelves this holiday season. The 2018 edition of the long-running shooter franchise is... [Read More]
A birthday party in Oregon ended in gunfire on Tuesday night. A 59-year-old man was accused of opening fire on his neighbors with an assault... [Read More]
A recent Google Chrome update intended to stop auto-play videos from annoying users had unintended side effects and will be temporarily pulled back, or at... [Read More]
Zuckerberg will also make a stop in Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron... [Read More]
Fans of romaine lettuce salads may not totally be in the clear yet, but there is one slightly encouraging sign, according to the Center for... [Read More]
Starting this summer, Whole Foods customers will have new opportunities to save on products by subscribing to a monthly service run by its new parent... [Read More]
Social media is quickly moving to a point where people prefer to share their lives via temporary "stories" on apps like Snapchat on Instagram rather... [Read More]
After a bit of a delay, the newest patch for "Fortnite" has arrived. Epic Games' massively popular construction shooter got a host of tweaks Wednesday, including the... [Read More]
Facebook stepped further into its new era of data transparency Tuesday with the release of its inaugural Community Standards Enforcement Report. The report provided detailed... [Read More]
Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, found a mother who was accused of stabbing her 11-year-old daughter and leaving her in critical condition before setting her home on... [Read More]
A Monday flight from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska, caused a stir due to bizarre behavior by one passenger. Multiple passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight... [Read More]
Weeks after a CNN investigation blew the lid off more than 100 sexual assault accusations against Uber drivers, the prominent ride-sharing company announced sweeping... [Read More]