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Kings Island is hosting the Ultimate Stutn Show now through August 19 from 1 to 5 p.m. every day. [Read More]
Meet your Daytonian of the Week, Brian Johnson. Johnson is involved in the strategic marketing operations for some of Dayton's most popular restaurants. Learn more... [Read More]
Ohio sure has a lot of trails you can take, and Buzzfeed took notice. In an article posted July 25, the website detailed 12 trails... [Read More]
Facebook partnered with AMC Theatres to allow users to purchase tickets directly on the app. [Read More]
The European Union hit Google with a massive antitrust fine, and President Donald Trump responded on Twitter. [Read More]
"Fortnite" is a veritable phenomenon, having made $1 billion from in-game purchases. [Read More]
Amazon Prime Day 2018 was a success for the company, despite widespread worker strikes and customer boycotts. [Read More]
The European Commission asked Google to pay a huge fine for forcing its search engine and browser on smartphone users. [Read More]
Aircraft giant Boeing will start working on a fleet of flying taxis. [Read More]
The telecommunications company appears to be abandoning its bid for Fox and will instead focus on acquiring Sky. [Read More]
Facebook's annual diversity report showed encouraging signs for women, but little improvement along racial lines. [Read More]
A report state a Russian agency was impersonating local American news outlets on Twitter. [Read More]
The last two Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska will shut their doors, leaving just one left in the United States. [Read More]
Whole Foods Market stores around the U.S. will offer exclusive deals during Amazon's Prime Day promotion. [Read More]
Both Uber and Lyft have apparently looked into acquiring intercity bus travel startup Skedaddle. [Read More]
MoviePass added surge pricing to popular movies, but there are a couple of ways to get around it. [Read More]
Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us, so here are some important things to know going in. [Read More]
A report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Chick-fil-A and Texas Roadhouse left customers more satisfied than other chain restaurants. [Read More]
Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Thursday that the Model 3 sedan can now park itself, free of human assistance. [Read More]
Facebook announced this week it would imminently shut down three apps, including tbh, which it bought less than a year ago. [Read More]