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She is set to become the richest woman in the world but, until now,has managed to largely stay out of the public eye. [Read More]
In her 25 years of marriage to Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Bezos has been a loyal ambassador for Amazon, the company that made her and her... [Read More]
Couple have decided to divorce and will continue 'as friends'... [Read More]
Her divorce from the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made this novelist, and her private life, a public fascination. [Read More]
Mr. Trump's presidency has proved to be an unexpected boon for the publishing industry, which has unleashed a barrage of juicy insider accounts. [Read More]
This book promises to be the latest, and perhaps juiciest, Trump tell-all to hit stores. [Read More]
Romance novels released by big publishing houses tend to centre on white characters, and rarely feature gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people in leading roles,... [Read More]
Barnes & Noble's board said in a statement that Parneros had been "terminated for sexual harassment, bullying behavior and other violations of company policies." [Read More]
The company recently fired its fourth noninterim CEO amid its financial troubles, but there's no leadership crisis, its chairman vows. [Read More]
Until Tuesday, Barnes & Noble had only said that Demos Parneros was fired violating policies, but a lawsuit filed by Mr. Parneros revealed more details. [Read More]
The novelist's only children's book is coming back into print, and it couldn't be more timely. [Read More]
Leonard Riggio radically altered bookselling in the United States when he bought an ailing New York City bookstore and turned it into a national chain... [Read More]
Critics say the company lacks direction, sometimes seeming to prioritize sales of gifts and tchotchkes over books, the New York Times reports. [Read More]
Sales are falling and critics say the company lacks a direction, sometimes seeming to give priority to sales of gifts and tchotchkes over books. [Read More]
"The Fifth Risk" comes out this October. [Read More]
In a new crime novel, the 44th president and his vice president team up to solve a suspicious death, and patch up their frayed friendship... [Read More]
Alan Dershowitz's latest book, "The Case Against Impeaching Trump," was written with a sense of urgency. It took two months. [Read More]
Barnes & Noble fired its chief executive, Demos Parneros, for violating the company's policies, the company said Tuesday without specifying the policies. Parneros was... [Read More]
The company's chief executive, Demos Parneros, will not receive any severance payment and has been removed from the board. [Read More]
The debate is likely to grow more contentious as writers and professors take sides in this #MeToo era. [Read More]