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Nurses and social workers are more likely to get attacked on the job than police officers. A group of House Democrats will introduce a bill... [Read More]
Creating more tech jobs is nice, but not urgent. You may have heard by now that Amazon has picked the location for its much-anticipated East... [Read More]
It's actually quite simple. The week leading up to the midterm elections was filled with political drama. It included intense fear-mongering about a migrant caravan,... [Read More]
House Democrats want to pressure Republicans to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. [Read More]
He just lost a congressional race for West Virginia's Third District. Richard Ojeda, the brash Army veteran from West Virginia who galvanized the state's... [Read More]
They give an "unfair advantage" to US competitors, according to the US Labor Department. The Trump administration says that modern-day slavery and child labor... [Read More]
Female Facebook users filed a complaint with the EEOC, claiming that the company illegally posts job ads that only men can see. [Read More]
The DC city council is getting ready to repeal a ballot measure that voters approved in June, which would raise the sub-minimum wage for tipped... [Read More]
Sexual assault is a felony in most states. Stop describing the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as "misconduct." It's not. Christine Blasey Ford... [Read More]
Low-wage workers are the most screwed. Hurricane Florence is dumping tons of rain on the coast of North Carolina right now, and thousands of people... [Read More]
They want the company to do much more to protect them. [Read More]
He is denying that 3,000 people in Puerto Rico died from the storm. President Donald Trump kicked off his Thursday morning by contesting the validity... [Read More]
The new census data probably won't stop Republicans from trying to gut the safety net. The US Census Bureau just dropped its annual load of... [Read More]
Nearly 3,000 people in Puerto Rico died from Hurricane Maria and FEMA's poor response. [Read More]
The Trump Organization will probably dodge the probe. The Trump administration says it will ramp up investigations of hotels trying to hire foreign workers for... [Read More]
The media titan is the most powerful man toppled by #MeToo over sexual harassment allegations. Les Moonves, one of the highest-paid CEOs in the world,... [Read More]
They say Amazon is "threatening our economic stability." [Read More]
They say the GOP is trying to "insulate Trump" from scrutiny over his response to the deadliest hurricane in modern US history. House Democrats released... [Read More]
an odd claim from a judge who has shown little interest in upholding the very laws meant to protect US workers from harassment and other... [Read More]
Hurricane Maria proves that Puerto Rico's status as a territory is a human rights issue. It's official: Hurricane Maria was the deadliest natural disaster to... [Read More]