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He also tweeted about Serena Williams last week. It turns out that former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a lot of opinions about sports —... [Read More]
The organization provides food, education, and health care for nearly 5 million refugees. President Donald Trump is planning to cut all US funding to... [Read More]
Some museums are discussing how to deal with objects obtained in an illegal or illegitimate way. [Read More]
She was just released after spending eight months in an Israeli prison. Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl who spent eight months in an Israeli... [Read More]
After 20 years of conflict, the two countries have reconciled. But what happens now? On July 21, Eritrea appointed an ambassador to Ethiopia — the... [Read More]
President Trump said that the small country is full of "very aggressive" people. The country of Montenegro is not happy about being called "aggressive" by... [Read More]
Republicans have seized upon Strzok's text messages as evidence of anti Trump bias in the Mueller investigation. Peter Strzok, the FBI agent President Donald... [Read More]
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made the announcement Tuesday evening. [Read More]
It's the second day of an assault on the port city of Hodeidah. Millions of eyes were on Saudi Arabia Thursday morning as its team... [Read More]
He tried to highlight marginalized voices, and called out powerful leaders for their hypocrisy. Anthony Bourdain, the legendary chef and tv personality, died on Friday... [Read More]
Yousef Munayyer discusses the reaction to the recent protests. It's been a tumultuous week for anyone paying attention to recent events in Israel and Gaza.... [Read More]
The move comes at a strange time for Israel and the region. On Monday, the US will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel... [Read More]
The allegations against Junot Díaz are just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual harassment allegations against a range of powerful men have rocked the literary... [Read More]
An expert explains why it's more complicated than you'd think. It's no secret that hate crimes against Muslims have been on the rise. In... [Read More]
Trump's favorite Middle Eastern dictator is stumbling at home. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has presided over a security crackdown that's left thousands dead, imprisoned... [Read More]
There are rumblings of dissent in the Arab world's most populous country. [Read More]
The new embassy will open in May of this year, officials say. [Read More]
A new report says thousands more civilians were killed in Mosul than the US claims. The US has declared victory in its fight against ISIS,... [Read More]
Despite being a well-known advocate for refugees, the Catholic leader didn't mention the persecuted Muslim minority by name. The most famous Catholic leader in the... [Read More]
Locals and officials teamed up in support of inclusivity on BART. [Read More]