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The Devil of Hell's Kitchen is coming back very soon. [Read More]
Jordan Peele will step into Rod Sterling's shoes as the host...of 'The Twilight Zone'... [Read More]
Jim Carrey returns in a role that was basically made for him. [Read More]
Another awards show in the books. [Read More]
Congratulations are in order for Midge & Co. [Read More]
Don't mess with Maeve. [Read More]
Dick Van Dyke returns to the story of the Banks children in the new trailer. [Read More]
The dialogue options in 'Assassin's Creed' aren't just set pieces — they're the whole point of the game. [Read More]
Catch up quick before they come back! [Read More]
Because that's what everyone needs right now. More shows to watch. [Read More]
Raise a glass to freedom, something Fisk can never take away. [Read More]
Who saw that twist coming? [Read More]
Dick Wolf's newest show is...this. [Read More]
Breaking: People Have Jobs... [Read More]
Wakanda forever. [Read More]
Come for the great music, stay for the complex rendering of PTSD in the aftermath of a harrowing space war. [Read More]
Farrow's explosive scoop was reported in The New Yorker. [Read More]
You know what they say about Torrances, axes, and hotels... [Read More]
Will he be a villain? A good guy? Just a dude in space? [Read More]
Sometimes it's not great to keep everything in the family. [Read More]
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