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WWE SmackDown 1000 news, notes and business analysis from Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. [Read More]
WWE SmackDown Superstars expressed disappointment via Twitter after learning they were entrants in an unheralded women's Battle Royal at Evolution. [Read More]
Rey Mysterio has signed with WWE in a move that could foreshadow future top stars on the independent circuit joining the worldwide leader. [Read More]
Nikki Bella turned heel on Ronda Rousey Monday night on Raw and the current Raw women's champion could be in for her first great feud. [Read More]
WWE Raw news, notes and business analysis on Monday, October 8 2018 from Chicago, Ill. [Read More]
WWE Super Show-Down 2018 news, notes and business analysis from Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, October 6, 2018. [Read More]
Shawn Michaels has been very active over the past few weeks, and as all signs point to a comeback, hopefully the Heartbreak Kid is here... [Read More]
Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz in a matter of seconds but even a quick victory isn't nearly enough damage control for a once foolproof babyface. [Read More]
The continued tease of Dean Ambrose's heel-turn could be a sign of future dissension among The Shield after its victory at WWE Super Show-Down. [Read More]
Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella couldn't appear any more different on the surface. But upon further review, both are fighting the same battle amid a... [Read More]
Becky Lynch was once again cheered unanimously in her awkward feud against Charlotte. This time, it was by a crowd of over 70,000 in Melbourne,... [Read More]
WWE Raw logged its lowest viewership ever for the second consecutive week and this pattern should be a cause for concern. [Read More]
WWE Raw viewership suggests that Baron Corbin's main event match against Roman Reigns resulted in a steep decline during the third hour. [Read More]
With Shawn Michaels comeback rumors abuzz, and Kane announced for the Crown Jewel event, WWE's unlimited financial resources could lead to several in-ring returns. [Read More]
WWE officials met with Impact Wrestling officials and rampant speculation of everything from a Hall of Fame induction to a buyout has ensued. [Read More]
WWE Raw news, notes and business analysis from Dallas, Tx. on Monday, September 17, 2018. [Read More]
WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 news, notes and business analysis on September 16, 2018 from San Antonio, Tx. after Brock Lesnar returns. [Read More]
WWE unveiled a new red Hell in a Cell structure and Twitter did not hold back. [Read More]
Batista has not returned to WWE since his unceremonious exit in 2014. And after apparently being snubbed from SmackDown 1000, their relationship seems more strained... [Read More]
WWE Raw news, notes and business analysis from New Orleans, La. on September 10, 2018. [Read More]