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Melody Jones was just 19 years old when she disappeared. Her husband, 20-year-old Paul Jones, was found stabbed to death in their Earlsboro home. Thirty-four years... [Read More]
On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed their tax reform framework, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in a ____ vote. [Read More]
The Senate's version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would create roughly 925,000 new jobs and increase gross domestic product by 3.7 percent, according... [Read More]
Senate Republicans are considering repealing Obamacare's individual mandate, which requires that Americans have health care coverage or pay a fine to the IRS, in their... [Read More]
A massive surge in Medicaid enrollment is leading to government dependency and crowding out funding for individuals who truly need the program. [Read More]
According to the according to the experts at Colgate 30 to 40 million Americans skip going to the dentist because they're scared. The pain of... [Read More]
There are 5.8 million uninsured individuals who could purchase an Obamacare plan for less than the cost of the penalty for not having health insurance,... [Read More]
The federal government collected approximately $235 billion in taxes in the first month of fiscal year 2018, but the government still ran a $63 billion... [Read More]
Small pass-through businesses would benefit from the House Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, according to a report from the Tax Foundation. [Read More]
Repealing the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate would reduce the federal deficit by $338 billion in the next decade, according to a projection from the... [Read More]
The Senate plans to introduce their version of tax reform today, which will give a typical American family a tax cut of nearly $1,500. [Read More]
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would help lower and middle-class families see their after-tax incomes increase, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation. [Read More]
The Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, retracted a study it authored that said the GOP tax... [Read More]
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the new legislation introduced by the House, would create nearly one million new jobs and increase gross domestic product... [Read More]
Oklahoma native Darci Lynne Farmer made her Vegas debut last weekend. It is no surprise she was a huge hit in Vegas. Darci invited News 4's Ali Meyer... [Read More]
Only 28 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with the way the United States is governed, according to a poll from Gallup. [Read More]
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, introduced on Thursday by House Republicans, includes provisions to provide tax relief to those with education expenses. [Read More]
The unemployment rate for all Americans declined from 4.2 percent in September to 4.1 percent in October, the lowest level in 17 years, according to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced plans today to nominate Jerome Powell for chairman of the Federal Reserve, replacing sitting chair Janet Yellen. [Read More]
The House introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which is aimed to be a pro-growth bill that will give low and middle-class Americans a... [Read More]