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There is a war on children at the U.S.-Mexican border. So far, an estimated 2,300 have been separated from their families. Many are very young... [Read More]
There is just so much. Where to start? How about with the possibility of our president being taken down by a porn star? How about... [Read More]
Feras Fayyad, the director of Last Men in Aleppo, has been detained, tortured, and targeted by Russian Twitter trolls. But he refuses to be trumped. [Read More]
A conversation with Elaine McMillion Sheldon and the stars of her searing film Heroin(e), recently nominated for best documentary short at the Academy Awards. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's Feb. 28 speech before Congress omitted many important issues. Here are a few.Income and wealth inequality: In recent years, the gap between... [Read More]
Her love of music and instruments is a disease, Mary Stevens said jokingly, while sitting in her studio filled with pianos, harps and various other... [Read More]
Two minutes: That's about how long it took Heidi Nystrom to notice a newborn calf stuck in its sack, realize no one else saw the... [Read More]
Although 6.5 percent of Montanans are Native Americans, they constitute only 1.7 percent of health insurance marketplace enrollees, a new report shows. [Read More]
From left, Troy Wilson, Lydia Silva, Kathleen Little Leaf, LeeAnn Johnson and Michaelynn Hawk discuss the "Breaking Barriers: Access to Health Care in Montana" report... [Read More]
In 1989, Target Range School students predicted that Mark Thane would be a superintendent of a large school district in California, and that he would... [Read More]
Lily Miller is the only girl on her hockey team – an outward manifestation of her belief that girls can do anything. [Read More]
Knowing your peers respect your work is a humbling – an emotion Target Range Superintendent Corey Austin experienced when he was named 2015 Western Region... [Read More]
Target Range fourth-grader Reagan Remmers cupped her head in her hands in a gesture of disbelief and excitement. [Read More]
Several western Montana school boards have new members after Tuesday's election, including Missoula County Public Schools. Lisa Triepke edged out 20-year veteran James H. Sadler... [Read More]
If not for the H&R Thrift Store, the Granite County Medical Center here might not be open today and it assuredly would look much different. [Read More]
A Missoula assistant principal reassigned because of an inappropriate relationship with another administrator while on school grounds has been rehired for the coming year. [Read More]