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"You rose from the ashes / And survived all the crashes." Tonya Harding is back in the pop culture conversation, with the critically beloved I,... [Read More]
Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep lead an all-star cast in a film about the Pentagon Papers. [Read More]
Olaf's Frozen Adventure is leaving theaters. What went wrong? Over the past two weeks or so, in movie theaters and multiplexes across the continent, the... [Read More]
A countdown of the year's best movies is a delightful reminder of what films can do. For a certain slice of the moviegoing audience, today... [Read More]
From chocolate calendars to wreaths in church, the season is all about anticipation. Most Christmas customs in the US share two characteristics. First, it's usually... [Read More]
boiling eggs, bathing, brushing her shoes, visiting her neighbor Giles (Richard Jenkins) before work... [Read More]
James Franco triumphs in a delightful romp about the making of The Room. First things first: You don't have to have seen The Room to... [Read More]
a cult hit widely considered the worst film ever made... [Read More]
The movie involves a love triangle with a stepdaughter, for starters. It's always dangerous to assume a movie is actually about its creator. But in... [Read More]
Headed to the movie theater? These are the 13 best movies playing in theaters in the US right now. This list is updated each... [Read More]
Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer star in a lush adaptation of the 2007 novel. [Read More]
Joe Wright's crowdpleasing film raises familiar questions about myth-spinning and truth-telling. Darkest Hour is a movie about Winston Churchill — but its true reason for... [Read More]
Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson star in a movie based on the bestselling novel. The old maxim exhorting us to "be kind, for... [Read More]
It's an indicator of where the site is headed. Justice League reviews will start coming out early Wednesday morning — the studio-imposed embargo lifts at... [Read More]
The star-studded movie confronts racial tensions in post-war Mississippi. [Read More]
Martin McDonagh channels Flannery O'Connor's humor and sensibility in a film that looks at the absurd world and laughs. Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) walks into... [Read More]
His earlier films are filled with offbeat humor and outsiders' stories. For a certain subset of movie fans, the news that Thor: Ragnarok would be... [Read More]
Greta Gerwig's solo directorial debut is a pitch-perfect coming-of-age comedy, starring Saoirse Ronan. The French philosopher Simone Weil wrote often of attention as a kind... [Read More]
Woody Harrelson plays Lyndon B. Johnson in the overstuffed big-screen treatment. Lyndon B. Johnson has been an object of some curiosity of late. Last year,... [Read More]
The "spiritual sequel" to The Last Detail asks how we can deal with casualties when we stop believing in the cause. "Every generation has its... [Read More]