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The focus of former national security adviser Mike Flynn's tangle of business dealings with Turkey is one man: Fethullah Gulen,... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions denied knowing that former national security adviser Michael Flynn lobbied on behalf of Turkey and allegedly... [Read More]
Cambridge Analytica reached out to WikiLeaks in the hopes of obtaining Hillary Clinton-related emails around the time the data-analytics firm... [Read More]
Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) pushed back on reports that he pursued sexual relationships with teenagers in a Friday... [Read More]
the candidate or the accuser," Falwell Jr. told the Religion News Service in an email published Friday. The president of the evangelical Liberty University... [Read More]
Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the role played by former national security adviser Michael Flynn in an alleged plot to forcibly remove a Muslim... [Read More]
The White House on Friday weighed in on an allegation that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) once molested a 14-year-old girl, calling the charge... [Read More]
Corey Lewandowski has always been somewhat on the fringes of congressional and federal investigations into the Trump campaign's connections to Russia. But new questions... [Read More]
The federal judge overseeing the financial crimes case against former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates on Wednesday issued a gag order preventing... [Read More]
The House Intelligence Committee on Monday night released the full, unclassified transcript that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page's provided... [Read More]
The full transcript of Carter Page's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee released Monday night sheds some new light on his contacts with Russian officials... [Read More]
A barrage of reports over the weekend divulged what was framed as a major new development in the Russia investigation: former Trump campaign adviser Carter... [Read More]
Safely ensconced in Moscow, the Russian lawyer with Kremlin ties who met with three top Trump campaign figures at Trump Tower last summer is now... [Read More]
Democrats on Capitol Hill want answers from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This week's deluge of fresh information from congressional and federal investigators revealed two... [Read More]
The Justice Department is considering charging six Russian government officials allegedly involved in hacking and obtaining sensitive information from the Democratic National Committee's computers during... [Read More]
The number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in the U.S. has increased by 67 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) audit... [Read More]
Muslims. Undocumented immigrants. Black Lives Matter activists. These were among the groups targeted in the Facebook ads purchased by Russia-linked accounts during the 2016... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis was questioned last week by special counsel Robert Mueller and testified before the investigating grand jury in the inquiries... [Read More]
Former Trump adviser George Papadopolous' newly-released plea agreement is littered with the redacted names of other campaign officials he allegedly informed about his efforts to hook them... [Read More]
Given the lack of savviness with which George Papadopoulos tried to disappear a months-long effort to get Trump campaign officials in a room with Russian government... [Read More]