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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is known for instituting strict restrictions on who has access to the ballot box.... [Read More]
Miscounted ballots. A recusal. A voter integrity hotline. Possible lawsuits or a recount. A week after Kansas voters cast ballots... [Read More]
Sometimes this White House just comes out and says it. Months after initial reports of the Trump administration requiring West... [Read More]
During Paul Manafort's federal trial in Alexandria, VA, Manafort's ex-protégé, Rick Gates, testified that the pair committed crimes together, underreporting... [Read More]
It appears some posts are too anti-Semitic even for Gab, the social media platform that positions itself as the "politically... [Read More]
Michael Cohen has made it abundantly clear that he is open to cooperating with federal prosecutors. This week brought news... [Read More]
Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) was arrested and indicted on federal insider trading charges Wednesday. The charges, brought by the Manhattan... [Read More]
Federal prosecutors in New York are homing in on possible tax fraud as part of their criminal investigation into the... [Read More]
Some flickering positive signs for democracy have lit up statehouses in recent months. Thanks to legwork by local activists, a... [Read More]
We live in the age of the accidental conspiracy theory tweet. The head of a Florida county GOP found himself... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled Thursday that a former assistant to Roger Stone must testify before the grand jury convened by... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled Thursday that a former assistant to Roger Stone must testify before the grand jury convened by... [Read More]
In a sign of the broad scope of her influence operations, accused Russian agent Mariia Butina pushed a prominent American... [Read More]
Some $300,000 in suspicious bank transactions involving alleged covert Russian agent Mariia Butina and GOP operative Paul Erickson are under... [Read More]
After seven months, tens of thousands of dollars, and three court rulings, Michigan voters were officially given the opportunity to... [Read More]
The question of whether President Trump obstructed justice in the FBI's investigation of Michael Flynn has always hinged on his... [Read More]
The federal investigation into alleged Russian agent Mariia Butina stemmed from a series of suspicious, high-dollar money transfers to limited... [Read More]
When the news broke last week that the Trump Organization's chief financial officer was subpoenaed to provide testimony in Michael Cohen's... [Read More]
This week brought an unwelcome turn in the spotlight for a notoriously under-the-radar fixture in President Trump's inner circle: Trump... [Read More]
President Trump began the week by holding a historically disastrous press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Trump said he... [Read More]