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I had a baby. See you all later this autumn. And meet the folks whose work you'll get to read in my absence. [Read More]
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The new "Star Wars" movies have made the galaxy -- and even one of its most charismatic occupants -- seem small and predictable. [Read More]
Netflix is the safest possible environment for the Obamas to find themselves as producers. But what Netflix will get out of the deal is a... [Read More]
The Deadpool franchise makes the violence inherent in superheroics awfully explicit. But it doesn't leave us questioning that some people just need killing or beating. [Read More]
It says a lot about "The Trump Show" that this level of chaos can actually be comforting. [Read More]
The spectacle of the royal wedding is a great opportunity to remember what's wonderful about being American — and all the things we can do... [Read More]
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A chat about the best and worst in pop culture and why the stories we love mean so much to us. [Read More]
If this was role-play, Schneiderman is unusually bad at it. [Read More]
Movies that enchant kids and train them to be lifelong consumers of art should be held to the highest standards... [Read More]
"The Trump Show" is nominally set in Washington, but it's really a New York story. [Read More]
Thanos is a monster. He's more like the rest of us than we'd like to think. [Read More]
I can't quite believe that I'm typing these words. And judging by the stunned reactions to the news, I'm not alone. But Bill Cosby, for... [Read More]
Claiming that something is the uncomplicated product of a single culture can obscure a more complex cultural history. [Read More]