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As winter gets into full swing, remember fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are real concerns that come with staying warm. [Read More]
As the mercury drops on the thermometer, remember to stay warm both indoors and outdoors for your health. [Read More]
Caregiving can be stressful, and these stresses can be exacerbated around the holidays as you are faced with added responsibilities and obligations. [Read More]
With children out of school and families gathered together, it is an excellent opportunity to get children involved in the kitchen. [Read More]
Have you ever stressed about how to provide a fun holiday experience for your children or grandchildren without breaking the bank? [Read More]
It's nearly Thanksgiving, and soon delicious, juicy turkeys will take center stage at many of our holiday meals. [Read More]
One of the many benefits of living longer is grandparents get to see their grandchildren become adults. [Read More]
According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent $8.4 billion on Halloween in 2016. [Read More]
The growing season is winding down, but the Henderson County Farmers Market has a little fresh produce available. [Read More]
Winter squash comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. [Read More]
Just as we need food and water to survive, we also need meaningful social relationships and connections. [Read More]
Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association Week is Oct. 8-14, and the state's more than 850 clubs are celebrating their accomplishments from the past year. [Read More]
If you are interested in learning something new or giving back to your community, you may consider joining the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association. Clubs across... [Read More]
For some of us, eating fresh corn off the cob is one of our top summertime, food-related experiences. Corn is one of the many great... [Read More]
With the summer season ending and the school year beginning, you may want to plan a quick getaway with your family. However, doing so can... [Read More]
Much of the state will be able to see parts of solar eclipse Aug. 21, with some areas of Western Kentucky experiencing a total solar... [Read More]
Now is a great time to start canning. You can preserve some of your own fruits and vegetables or take advantage of the bounty of... [Read More]
1. Cellphone. Before you grab your keys, make sure you have your fully charged smartphone, even a flip phone, with you. [Read More]
Football season is here. Across the state, many Kentuckians will mark the season by getting out their tastiest tailgating recipes and firing up the grill. [Read More]
A new school year is upon us. One of the most challenging daily tasks that goes with back to school is finding something interesting, healthy... [Read More]