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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Regional Food Bank and it is inside Hope's Kitchen, where three retires found more than a way to give... [Read More]
Food is the most essential school supply. In fact, in Oklahoma, one in four children lives with hunger. [Read More]
On Fridays, 19,000 students in our area will leave school with an extra backpack. And the backpacks have nothing to do with schoolwork, but everything... [Read More]
Hundreds of Oklahoma Air National Guardsmen are returning home to Tulsa this morning. [Read More]
Hundreds of Oklahoma Air National Guardsmen returned home to Tulsa Monday morning. [Read More]
Today's job market demands training and degrees in STEM-related fields. [Read More]
The Emmys have announced its nominations for the best shows on TV in the past year, and there are some serious contenders in every category. [Read More]
An Oklahoma couple becomes one of the first American families to adopt from Nigeria. [Read More]
Tuesday Oklahomans will vote on marijuana. Marijuana for "medicinal purposes" according to supporters who wrote State Question 788, opponents argue we'll be voting on "recreational... [Read More]
These five shows experienced an onscreen death, followed by a resurrection, sometimes with great results but sometimes as a zombie of themselves. [Read More]
In June, voters will go to the polls to decide if Oklahoma should become the 30th state in America to legalize medical marijuana. [Read More]
Last night, at the Gordon Parks Foundation's Awards Dinner and Auction, legendary figures Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, Ta-Nehesi Coates, Mickalene Thomas, Kehinde Wiley and Sally... [Read More]
This weekend marks the five-year anniversary of the Moore tornado that killed 24 people, including seven students at Plaza Towers Elementary School. [Read More]
Cliffhangers, marriages, babies, murders and guest stars are all hallmarks of a show trying its best to compete during sweeps - the ratings competition ... [Read More]
Marvel Studios is a veritable factory of superhero storytelling. [Read More]
'Confidence is the number one thing.'... [Read More]
In June, Oklahoma voters go to the polls to decide the fate of an initiative that would legalize medical marijuana. In the process, they'll also... [Read More]
Perhaps you haven't planned ahead enough to watch all 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies before " Avengers: Infinity War " hits theaters Friday. But you... [Read More]
Below are the essential must-watch Marvel movies to be sure you're familiar with before strolling into the — I'm sorry — gauntlet. [Read More]
Teachers have made it clear, they don't want to leave Oklahoma, but some feel forced to go. [Read More]