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Read more about Is Brexit forcing the automobile industry to move out of Britain? on Business Standard. Traditional car manufacturers, in Britain and in Europe... [Read More]
Blame has been cast on events like Brexit, but there are other changes that are reshaping the industry globally. [Read More]
The European Commission said it would look into whether the German automakers had worked together to avoid competing on clean emissions technology. [Read More]
Volkswagen said this week it will end production of the vehicle in July. The German carmaker's U.S. unit, the only division still turning out Beetles,... [Read More]
Slowing sales has prompted the German automaker to end production of the once-popular model by July 2019. [Read More]
The central bank meets Thursday and will publish its latest economic forecasts. But the report is not expected to prompt changes in monetary policy. [Read More]
Mr. Carney has been sharply criticized by ardent supporters of Britain's exit from the European Union. They have accused him of taking partisan positions against... [Read More]
A British labor group says technology has made work more intensive and led to longer days. Shorter working weeks have been tested, with mixed results. [Read More]
The quarantine of flight to New York was followed by sick passengers reported on flights into Philadelphia. But experts say events like this are rare. [Read More]
Mr. Lawford turned his struggle with addiction into a career speaking and writing about his recovery and public health. [Read More]
The woman, Charisse Stinson, 21, had told the police in Largo, Fla., that a man who offered her a ride took her son, Jordan Belliveau,... [Read More]
A $25,000 donation to the Republicans prompted calls for a boycott, but even liberal Californians may find it hard to give up on the cult... [Read More]
Although products like veggie burgers and sausages have been sold for years, the debate over how they can be described has become particularly contentious as... [Read More]
On Friday, John McCain will be one of a few senators in history to "lie in state" at the United States Capitol. [Read More]
A 10-person task force has been set up to try to catch the person responsible for mutilating and killing at least 12 cats in and... [Read More]
The state has banned producers of plant-based proteins from calling their products meat. Four organizations have sued, calling the law protectionist. [Read More]
A new study showed that chemical traces of marijuana can be detected in breast milk up to six days after use, highlighting the need for... [Read More]
Officially, the move was to tamp down inflation. But policymakers also want to increase the tools at their disposal should the economy suffer after Brexit. [Read More]
Employees say that Ryanair has ignored grievances about low pay, contracts that do not offer sufficient employment rights and a punishing workplace culture. [Read More]