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Alexander Shalgin/Getty If ever a fox was put in charge of a chicken coup, Russian official Alexander Torshin was it. For years, Spanish police had... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Libel suits by wealthy Russians with Kremlin connections have been frequent features on the western judicial landscape for... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast Russia's military intelligence agency, known as the GRU, is getting blamed for all sorts of things these days. Robert Mueller... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast When Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley visited the English city of Salisbury and somehow ingested the exotic nerve agent... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast Times are getting tough for Russia's oligarchs.  Seven of them were sanctioned on April 6 by the U.S.... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast Famously discreet special counsel Robert Mueller, as he shows interest in the connections between Russia's government and Donald... [Read More]
Sputnik Photo Agency/Reuters Now that British police have announced that Sunday's poisoning in Salisbury of a former Russian intelligence officer turned MI6 asset, Col. Sergei... [Read More]
Mikhail Metzel/Getty Why did it take a full week for Russian authorities to reveal the brutal murder, on Jan. 26, of 53-year-old St. Petersburg political... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast During his recently released August 2017 testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Glenn Simpson was asked about sources for... [Read More]
With the Russian presidential election coming next March, the political atmosphere for Kremlin critics has turned hostile, even downright dangerous. Earlier this month, Yulia Latynina,... [Read More]
A recent poll by the respected Levada Center in Moscow reported that more than half of all Russians—53 percent—think the greatest threat now facing their... [Read More]