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Madison Metropolitan School District is looking at the potential of a multimillion dollar referendum for next year's ballot to fix aged parts of its four... [Read More]
Everyone is safe after a van bringing rescue animals up from Alabama crashed on wintry roads Sunday. [Read More]
For 23 days Madison's federal-level research has been on lockdown, so instead those researchers, like Carl Houtman, stay home. [Read More]
The good news of Jayme Closs' return home is being felt and shared throughout Wisconsin and the country, particularly in the hearts of those who... [Read More]
Federal workers furloughed in the government shutdown are using their time to give back. [Read More]
A Madison-area food bank is gearing up for a potential increase in demand during the government shutdown. [Read More]
Protesters met at the capitol on Sunday to leave a message for lawmakers: We need more laws on guns. [Read More]
Since Wednesday's workplace shooting in Middleton, the Dane County Sheriff's Office said deputies have received dozens of requests for active-shooter training. [Read More]
A local beekeeper is closing his honey shop after extreme weather this summer led to a drastic drop off in the amount of honey his... [Read More]
Laura Olah has been studying water contamination in her town of Merrimac for 28 years, which is as long as she said it's been a... [Read More]
It's now been 17 years since the terrorist attack that shook the United States and much of the world. Even hundreds of miles away from... [Read More]
It could take years for local farmers to recover from this year's flood. [Read More]
People got their first firsthand look at Pheasant Branch Conservancy on Sunday during a volunteer cleanup. [Read More]
People who live along the river in Baraboo are ready for the water to crest on Friday. [Read More]
Richland County is waiting for more water from upstream to make its way down the river, and officials hope it won't be as bad as... [Read More]
More rain is bringing back the chance of flooding to Sauk County. [Read More]
The Baraboo River is coming back down after cresting this weekend, but Sauk County officials said it's not done with flooding yet. [Read More]
At the start of the third week of historic flooding in Dane County, Tim Nicholson is tired. [Read More]
The city of Middleton is working to assess damage to Pheasant Branch Conservancy after floodwaters destroyed it Aug. 20. [Read More]
Towns in Sauk County continued to deal with high water from the overflowing Hillsboro dam on Wednesday. [Read More]