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If you're a fan of Instagram, you've probably seen the shot — a person stands waist deep in sunflowers, with a wistful look on their face. Maybe... [Read More]
Around 85 percent of women in a British Columbia prison come out homeless. "There are very few places for women to go when they get... [Read More]
The woman sits with her hands clasped tightly together. She's petite and has long, curly, reddish hair with just a strand or two of gray. She's... [Read More]
On June 27, 2015, Cheyenne Sharma landed at Pearson International Airport, outside of Toronto, on a flight from Trinidad. Canadian border agents inspected Sharma's suitcase... [Read More]
When Ugandan rapper Keko moved to Canada, she became a hockey fan. But she was less excited about learning how to skate. [Read More]
Sometimes, Rongmala Begum wonders who wears the sweaters she makes.  There isn't a lot of time to stop and think about this when Begum is at... [Read More]
In the early hours of Aug. 2, 1995, authorities raided an apartment complex in El Monte and found 72 Thai workers, including Rotchana Sussman, living... [Read More]
Thousands of people, not just veterans, have been displaced by the storm, and the shelters are packed.        ... [Read More]
It's early in the morning, and the entire city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, seems to be gazing at the sky with concern. It... [Read More]
a grandmother speaks to her family on the US mainland after weeks of being unable to contact them after Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
After Hurricane Maria, one family in Boston has been unable to speak to relatives in Puerto Rico. So, they asked us to bring a letter... [Read More]
"It's got a burning vagina in the middle and there are all men — so it's like they are warming themselves around a burning vagina.... [Read More]
It's a clear winter morning in Pretoria. On a suburban lawn, under the shade of a tree, a group of young actors is rehearsing for... [Read More]
"The blessers are high, high-risk men, because these are men who are probably married, and they've got multiple partners." [Read More]
"What this virus has taught is that you can be a researcher, you can design something amazing … and then people don't use it." That's... [Read More]
It doesn't help that the South African legal system has been slow to recognize violence against women. [Read More]
South Africa has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world. For 20 years, talk radio shows have been giving advice on... [Read More]
No one seems to remember what the boy's real name was. But his cousin, Lily Atong, remembers him well. When she talks about him, she... [Read More]
"She represented the best of us." That's how Ambassador Deborah Birx, US global AIDS coordinator and head of President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (... [Read More]
The World Health Organization has announced the success of a new Ebola vaccine — but also warned it isn't a silver bullet. [Read More]