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Donna Bergstrom was on Republican Jeff Johnson's failed ticket. [Read More]
Cory Gardner is kicking off his reelection campaign in DC on Feb. 27. [Read More]
Mark Kelly's vote in the 2012 GOP primary in Texas draws concern, and some say he is largely undefined. [Read More]
The Senate majority leader is compiling opposition research on Amy McGrath and Matt Jones. [Read More]
It claims one of Brown's ads that heavily features Whirlpool violates campaign law. [Read More]
The 2018 KS-04 nominee is eyeing a run for Senate in 2020. [Read More]
Ohio Republican Party tripled the state's Democrats in number of new primary voters. [Read More]
Tracey Lewis will be deputy executive director. [Read More]
David Ralston warned his fellow Republicans that she poses a real threat to the party, whether she runs for governor or Senate. [Read More]
Ruben Gallego said he's still seriously considering the race and will announce his decision soon. [Read More]
Tickets range from $100 to $5,000. [Read More]
The Republican group said the scandals involving the Democrats's top three officials have changed the political environment for 2020. [Read More]
Martha McSally touted her border security record in a spot of her own. [Read More]
A liberal radio host says he's considering running against him. [Read More]
Ivanka Trump plans to raise money for Senate Republicans' campaign arm this fall — amid new concern about the party's fragile 51-seat majority in that... [Read More]
Beyond the Bubble 77 WASHINGTON — Former Pennsylvania Democrat Jason Altmire says accusations about President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could "turn off"... [Read More]
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday broke with Senate conservatives to support a government funding bill that provides a boost in defense spending — along... [Read More]
Democrat Beto O'Rourke is hitting the airwaves with his first Spanish language TV ad. Sen. Ted Cruz has yet to launch any such ad. [Read More]
Democrat Beto O'Rourke released his first Spanish-language TV ad Tuesday, to go on air this week in eight Texas media markets, including Fort Worth. The... [Read More]
Instead of awakening a sleeping base of Latino voters, the 45-year-old El Paso congressman has built an army of retirees who are helping him barnstorm... [Read More]