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Recent research finds that retirees are much less dependent on Social Security than previously thought. But will dependency rise again as the population ages? [Read More]
The Social Security Administration states that one-third of retirees receive nearly all of their income from Social Security. The true figure is only around one-third... [Read More]
States are moving to automatically enroll workers in IRA accounts as a way to increase retirement savings. But new research finds that workers who are... [Read More]
A new report from federal the Government Accountability has generated headlines regarding the U.S. retirement system, all of them negative. But the GAO focuses on... [Read More]
Once a federal employee passes his one-year probationary period, civil service protections mean it takes 6 to 12 months to fire a poor performer. The... [Read More]
Government statistics show that many retirees have very little income from private retirement plans. But the problem isn't with the retirees but with the statistics.... [Read More]
A Bloomberg report claims that employers have dramatically reduced contributions to employee retirement plans. Federal government data show the opposite is true: both employer contributions... [Read More]
Social Security's Trustees recently released their annual report on the program's finances. In this case, "no news" equals more bad news, as the system's long-term... [Read More]
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Social Security faces a financial shortfall. To reduce the need to raise taxes or cut benefits, some have proposed investing the Social Security trust funds... [Read More]
Data produced by the Social Security Administration claim that retirees are growing increasingly dependent on Social Security benefits for their incomes. But these data omit... [Read More]
News stories report that most Millenials spend more on coffee than they're saving for retirement. But is this true? I went to the federal government's... [Read More]
New articles claim that nearly half of Americans approaching retirement have no savings. In fact, nearly all retirees will collect Social Security. And 85% of... [Read More]
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