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The magazine "severed ties" with the political journalist best known for ending Anthony Scaramucci's brief Trump White House career. [Read More]
As the #MeToo movement holds more powerful men accountable for sexual misconduct, three women spoke out once again to try to convince America that the... [Read More]
The embattled Republican Senate nominee's counsel went after a rape accuser's divorce and 1977 yearbook to try to discredit her—all without ever addressing her accusations. [Read More]
Supposedly "non-partisan" reporter Brandon Moseley compared child molestation to stealing a lawn mower, saying that neither would be worth tanking Moore's career 50 years later. [Read More]
Leakers, Fusion GPS' anti-Trump dossier, Clinton's ties to Uranium One, and cheeseburger emojis—'Fox & Friends' had no shortage of stories to deflect from the latest... [Read More]
Two new Halperin accusers spoke to The Beast on Friday. One was a college student the pundit tried to get back to his hotel; the... [Read More]
The former Fox News host railed against O'Reilly for using Bolling's recently deceased son to bash the media who reported on the many sexual-harassment charges... [Read More]
"It doesn't happen that way anymore," the producer said in 2014, even after he already paid off multiple women who accused him of unwanted advances... [Read More]
'It's gross,' the high-powered feminist attorney said of the mega-producer's behavior, while never explicitly calling what he did 'sexual harassment.'... [Read More]
Trump likes to quote 'Fox & Friends' for his news—but even Fox itself treats the show like it's a vessel for conservative propaganda, not a... [Read More]
Before he passed away, Gregg Allman recorded nine covers and one original as a final statement of purpose. But don't weep—this is a sun-drenched, joyful... [Read More]
The search to find out why a stream on a remote Aleutian island was named after Adolf Hitler's regime reveals a blunderous WWII battle and... [Read More]
"It's crazy for me to have to comment because I'm still in the phase where I'm wondering if it was actually real life what I... [Read More]
The greatest American playwright of his generation, who has died at 73, should also be remembered for his epic lyrical collaboration with the greatest musician... [Read More]
The White House aide also said that people must move on from looking to punish Russia "because people are dying in Syria." [Read More]
Palin praised Trump's speech on social media, and many people noticed a possible white-supremacist phrase in her post. But there's a technical reason why she... [Read More]
The president of the United States took time out of his Thursday morning to attack 'low I.Q.' Brzezinski and her co-host fiancé 'Psycho Joe' Scarborough. [Read More]
Folk singer Anthony D'Amato, with background vocals from the likes of Josh Ritter and Israel Nash, put out a charity EP of songs that take... [Read More]
Kevin Corke may be part of Fox News' supposed "hard-news" operation, but his Twitter feed, often boosting alt-right ringleaders, reads like he belongs on the... [Read More]
The conservative star lost a key ally after the network's co-president Bill Shine resigned Monday. Will he follow him out? [Read More]