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Why is this necessary? Families know far better than the federal government what they need to eat — plus, it's demeaning and insulting. [Read More]
A tax change that will incentivize high-tax states to reduce their tax burdens should be celebrated, not attacked. [Read More]
If the first few weeks of 2018 are any indicator, the honeymoon period may be coming to an end. [Read More]
Free trade is seen as the domain of elites, but punishing select industries will hurt, not help, the everyman. [Read More]
Journalist Donna Minkowitz of The Nation was brave enough to venture into an alt-right conference hosted by prominent wh... [Read More]
Crony capitalism is not just a meaningless catchphrase, it has a specific meaning. Private businesses giving out raises simply doesn't quali... [Read More]
There are reasonable debates to be had on the merits of the bill. However, they should always be grounded in fact. [Read More]
tax policy which expressly discourages saving and investment is poorly targeted. [Read More]
Eliminating the SALT deduction is an important component of comprehensive tax reform. [Read More]
Congress should not fear moving toward a more accurate system of measuring inflation... [Read More]
Comprehensive tax reform that benefits the taxpayer will be difficult to attain if Congress continues to get bogged down in political food f... [Read More]
The president and congressional leaders have made a commitment to reducing the tax burden on Americans. [Read More]
Ships traveling between two American ports must U.S. made, owned and crewed by American sailors. [Read More]
The early evidence is that the Amazon-Whole Foods deal is encouraging innovation and lowering prices. [Read More]
OPINION | Only time will tell if Amazon's bid to upend the world of food was a masterstroke or a mistake. [Read More]
OPINION | Americans deserve to know how much of their money Congress will be spending, and the CBO needs to do a better job providing this... [Read More]
Arbitrary restrictions include limiting Airbnb to one unit per block face in one city and forbidding second homes from being rented out. [Read More]
Congressman Dave Brat, R-Va., recently drew heat for saying, rich people, it turns out, like clean air and clean water, at a town hall. Brat... [Read More]
President Trump's selection of Andy Puzder, the CEO of the parent company that owns Hardee's and Carl's Jr., to lead the Labor Department has incensed... [Read More]