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The Court of Appeal is allowing her to eventually be eligible for parole. [Read More]
Some are pushing back against the proposed tax, asking the OPPJ to not even allow voters to consider the tax. [Read More]
(9/21/2018) According to the Farmerville Police Department's Facebook page, the former Union Parish High School was broken into and vandalized. [Read More]
2 Chainz replaces Cardi B as the late night performer on October 19th at the Griffin Music Hall. [Read More]
Witnesses say after stealing the sword, he hit several cars with the sword, and eventually knelt down in Louisville Avenue. [Read More]
After taxes Terald Reese and his wife Mandy are getting $716,234.51... [Read More]
There is a new option coming for anyone who wants to become a nurse. LDCC & NW State are partnering together. [Read More]
(9/14/2018) Hurricane Florence is barrelling down on the coasts of North and South Carolina this afternoon, as several inches of rain could lead to dangerous... [Read More]
(9/14/2018) (NBC News) At least four storm related deaths have been confirmed as Hurricane Florence continues her slow assault on the Carolinas. [Read More]
Here is the latest information and images from the East Coast as Florence impacts the U.S., plus links to live cameras, reports on how the... [Read More]
(9/11/2018) Tuesday evening, The Monroe Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Top 20 under 40 Young Professionals for Northeast Louisiana event. [Read More]
Many across our region spent today remembering and reflecting on the events of September 11, 2001. [Read More]
According to a new survey by the National Federation of Independent Business, small business owner optimism is at an all-time high in the 45 year... [Read More]
Mandatory evacuations are now in place for the entire South Carolina coastline. CBS News' John Schiumo reports. [Read More]
The victim told police he drove around Monroe for hours after beating her because she wouldn't have sex with him. [Read More]
Monroe Police say while in the back of a patrol car, she got out of her handcuffs. They say her 7-year-old son opened the door... [Read More]
Jacksonville Police are investigating after a puppy was found inside a trash can with a gunshot wound to his face. [Read More]
There is an increase in heart attacks among pregnant women, according to one study. The Mayo Clinic said heart attacks are up 25 percent since... [Read More]
Police say Faye Owens often hangs out anywhere there is free Wi-Fi. [Read More]
Edric Smith is accused of attacking a softball umpire during a game at ULM University Park. [Read More]