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In the spring, I occasionally receive calls from gardeners concerned about a grayish-green 'fungus'... [Read More]
Cold temperatures can do some damage to plants; even those that typically tolerate our winters. [Read More]
Many times, if you are like me, we have good intentions but we don't have a plan to hold us accountable to our promise. [Read More]
Food Safety is an ever increasing concern and rightly so. [Read More]
The Christmas tree is a holiday tradition with a rich history. The oldest recorded use of a Christmas tree was in 1605 in Germany. [Read More]
The Christmas season is filled with food, cheer, and family visits and sometimes, unwanted visitors. [Read More]
With the holiday season quickly approaching we are reminded of all those wonderful Christmas traditions like chestnuts roasting on an open fire... [Read More]
Good data is seemingly becoming more and more critical to good decision making. [Read More]
Trees are very beneficial in urban landscapes; however they can also be destructive. [Read More]
Floral symbols of the upcoming holiday season will be appearing all over town. [Read More]
Pesticides are a valuable tool for protecting plants against insect, disease, and weed pests. [Read More]
Arbor Day is celebrated in spring and many municipalities' plant trees in public areas as part of their Arbor Day celebration. [Read More]
A stinky brown army is marching across Kentucky this fall, accidentally entering your homes and offices and they look for protective overwintering... [Read More]
One of the more common questions I receive is how much fertilizer do plants need and when do they need it? [Read More]
Fall is a great time to divide many over-grown perennials. Generally speaking, summer blooming perennials are divided in the fall and fall bloomers are divided... [Read More]
Gardening in the fall is often overlooked but a fall planting can produce lots of vegetables even beyond the first frost. [Read More]
Most lawns in Western Kentucky have fescue as their preferred grass and September is the best time of year to establish a new lawn or... [Read More]
    Taking care of your lawn during the fall is as important as it is during spring and summer, even more so for lawns... [Read More]
The effects of winter are becoming noticeable as temperatures warm and gardeners begin their annual survey of the landscape.  One noted effect is blighted turf... [Read More]