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Apple, Facebook, Google, and others argue that the Fourth Amendment, 'must adapt to the changing realities of the digital era.'... [Read More]
The company said this new offline mode will 'provide enhanced data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers.'... [Read More]
The move has drawn criticism from some users who believe the company should "let every1 have their own opinion even if its dumbaf." [Read More]
The Pornhub Cards contest offers a $25,000 scholarship to someone who is 'contributing to a better future for the world.'... [Read More]
YES, you need special glasses to view the Monday eclipse; if you bought some from Amazon, though, better check you inbox to make sure they... [Read More]
The 1Million Project aims to connect 1 million high schoolers who lack web access at home. [Read More]
The flagship smartphone also features LG's new UX 6.0+ user interface optimized for an 18:9 OLED display. [Read More]
The space agency said the TRAPPIST-1 star is between 5.4 and 9.8 billion years old. In comparison, our own solar system was formed around 4.5... [Read More]
FireEye researchers believe a group linked to the Russian government and US election hacks, APT28, is targeting hotels in Europe and the Middle East. [Read More]
Researchers find it's possible to produce malware-laden DNA strands that, if sequenced and analyzed, could compromise a computer. [Read More]
Google today is celebrating the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop with an interactive homepage doodle that lets you be a DJ. [Read More]
The app offers a couple of features you won't find on the Web, including dark mode, voice and video calls, and servers. [Read More]
Before removing the filters, FaceApp CEO and Creator Yaroslav Goncharov said he didn't think they were racist, but users accused FaceApp of digital blackface. [Read More]
Besides making things less confusing, this new feature offers one big advantage over SMS: you don't have to share your phone number with some random... [Read More]
Microsoft has, among other concessions, agreed to provide cybersecurity developers more time to prepare for Windows updates, and give them final Windows builds earlier. [Read More]
Watch is the social network's new platform for watching shows, and it's clearly trying to compete with YouTube. [Read More]
Paul LePage uses his Facebook page to perform government business, so blocking people who disagree with him 'constitutes... government censorship,' the ACLU says. [Read More]
The Alcatel slab runs Android Nougat and has a 5.5-inch HD screen; it's $0 down and $5 a month with T-Mobile's Jump! On Demand plan. [Read More]
NIST now recommends using long passphrases instead of complicated alphanumeric passwords, and only refreshing them if they've been breached. [Read More]
If your friend starts bringing up embarrassing topics, you can remove them at any time (then add someone else to the broadcast, if you like). [Read More]