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Backers say the combination of traditional pension and investment accounts will be better for the 80 percent of service members who don't stay for 20... [Read More]
Some tips for recent college graduates as the "grace periods" for most loans are ending. [Read More]
The lack of emergency savings can cause financial problems far beyond a short-term cash crunch, new research shows. [Read More]
Some people without cash reserves end up drawing on their retirement accounts, putting them at risk of shortfalls later in life, according to an analysis... [Read More]
Now, service members must be in the military for 20 years to get a pension. The new system adds a variation on a 401(k) plan. [Read More]
It's benefits open enrollment season at many employers, and workers are increasingly likely to hear about an option known as an HSA that can help... [Read More]
"Document, document, document," an insurance consultant said. Detailed notes can help the claim process go smoothly and, maybe, speed it up. [Read More]
Multiply your child's age by $2,000 to get a rough estimate, Fidelity says. [Read More]
Students in college for the first time also may be new to managing their finances on their own. So it's important to compare banking options... [Read More]
The IRS tool in the FAFSA now has "extra security and privacy protections to safeguard sensitive taxpayer data," the Education Department said. [Read More]
Students and families seeking financial help for college will notice some possibly confusing changes this fall when they fill out an important federal form known... [Read More]
The filing season began this month, and it's possible again to retrieve tax data. But the data is masked on the form. [Read More]
On a rainy Friday evening in August, customers trickled into an art studio in a strip mall on a busy main road here. The crowd,... [Read More]
Paint-and-sip shops, many of them franchise operations, continue to spread as more and more people seek diversions in experiences rather than in buying things. [Read More]
A New York startup aims to use everyday financial information to qualify people with scant or no credit histories for its credit cards. [Read More]
Yet veterans have good savings habits. They may employ "mental accounting," a researcher said, leading them to see saving as separate from bill paying. [Read More]
Labor Day weekend, typically a prime time for consumers to make new car purchases, may be even better for buyers this year given stagnant auto... [Read More]
Several Federal Reserve Banks have issued warnings about a scam that promotes "secret" government bank accounts that consumers can tap to pay their bills. [Read More]
Families paying college tuition are often relieved that they can claim education credits on their income tax returns, which helps ease the financial burden of... [Read More]
Planning early in the school year may help families avoid complications at tax time, financial planners and student aid experts say. [Read More]