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The impending expansion at St. Luke's includes plans to improve roadways for walkers and bikers, including installing a cycle track around the hospital complex. The... [Read More]
The big tree, Idaho's oldest and largest sequoia on the grounds of St. Luke's, will likely move late Saturday night and into Sunday morning. [Read More]
Crews will prepare beginning on Thursday, June 15, to move the century-old sequoia, the largest in the state, from the grounds of St. Luke's to... [Read More]
Recent windstorms took a toll on Betty, the animatronic washerwoman on Vista. The storm blew away her hat, her sash and several plastic "bubbles" from... [Read More]
David Habben, a local cemetery tour guide, is looking for stories of those buried in Boise's historic cemeteries that might not be well-known, but maybe... [Read More]
The homesite of outsider artist James Castle will become a cultural complex that includes exhibition and educational spaces as well as live and work space... [Read More]
Registration is open for this fall's St. Luke's FitOne event. Meet Me Monday is also celebrating its fifth anniversary and expanding to Caldwell. [Read More]
The Idaho Botanical Garden hosts the 31st Private Gardens Tour 2017 on Sunday, June 11. The self-guided tour is a fundraiser for the Idaho Botanical... [Read More]
Idaho leaders will meet at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial to celebrate the community's response against hate in the wake of recent vandalism at... [Read More]
Mike and Pat Thornton opened Bow Wow Auto Parts on the Boise Bench in 1972. After 45 years as a source for Volkswagen and foreign... [Read More]
Idaho is home to 12 native snake species. Of those, only the rattlesnakes are dangerous for humans. Four of the 12 are commonly found, the... [Read More]
For close to a decade, Allan McKenney has worked to get proper markers for the unmarked graves of Civil War soldiers who lie in Boise... [Read More]
United Way of Treasure Valley has published its 2017 Community Assessment that looks at the current challenges faced by Idahoans, especially those living in economically... [Read More]
They've sprung up throughout the city, those tri-colored yard signs that read: "No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor," in English,... [Read More]
The City of Boise acquired a house on the Boise Bench and has transformed it into an "idea house" showcasing sustainable building practices. The house... [Read More]
The Idaho State Historical Museum closed its doors to the public in 2014 and began a major renovation and expansion of its longtime home in... [Read More]
Tristian Myers, Nampa, was sentenced on Monday, May 22, to three to five years for the hit-and-run death of Leslie Nassar. Nassar, co-owner of a... [Read More]
Boise police arrested two trespassers on Sunday, May 21, on Alto Via Court. The road is closed because of landslides in the area. Police are... [Read More]
Some local churches have joined the national trend of providing welcoming yard signs for those in their congregations and the community. [Read More]